Tinder's "most swiped-right" man ended up finding love in a much more traditional way, and this just goes to prove that romance really isn't dead...

Because we all know how hard it can be to find love!


Especially if you're getting absolutely nowhere on popular dating apps such as Tinder.

Online dating isn't for everyone...

And believe it or not, love is often found through the most unexpected of people.

Well, this is exactly what happened to Tinder's "most swiped-right" man...


And instead of taking his pick from the thousands of women who had swiped right, he ended up finding love in a much more traditional way.

Now, we all know that Tinder is the perfect platform to interact with and meet new people.

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Whether you're looking for just a bit of fun or something a little bit more serious, Tinder has something for everyone!

But sometimes...

The choice that the app provides can be a little bit too much!

And of course...

There's a huge number of people out there who find that Tinder just doesn't work out for them.

Because out of all the success stories, there's an equal amount of disaster stories...


Which leads many to simply try and find love in a more traditional way.

Well, this is exactly what happened to thirty-year-old Stefan Pierre-Tomlin!

Stefan is a model from South East London and incredibly so, he's one of the most swiped-right men on Tinder in the U.K.

Yep, he has been swiped right by more than 14,600 people since joining the app 2 years ago...

But none of his subsequent dates have resulted in anything lasting.

Stefan, like many of us, has had somewhat of a turbulent love life in recent times...

Counting reality TV stars and local British celebrities among his ex-girlfriends.

He was using Tinder a lot during the first national lockdown last year...

But despite matching with a lot of women from all around the world, he just couldn't find someone who he could connect with.

"Back in March, I just thought I was going to be lonely throughout the lockdown," he said to local media.

"I did hop on Tinder for a while. I was just chatting to people and getting to know everyone."

"I put my pin in lots of different places in the world and hopped around. I felt like a love charity for lonely people in lockdown," Stefan explained.

"I had so much more time to focus on the app and chat to different women whereas beforehand I was always out on jobs. But didn't really feel like I was going to meet someone and ended up leaving it in the end."

Well, after Stefan decided to give up on Tinder...

​The most miraculous thing happened when he reconciled with a friend he had met a couple of years ago while on a photoshoot.

This is Egle Damulyte...

And just like Stefan, the twenty-six-year-old works as a full-time model. Match made in heaven, right?

When they first met 2 years ago, nothing was thought about pursuing a relationship.

"I met Damu on a photoshoot 2 years ago and I quite liked her but I didn't think anything would happen between us," Stefan said.

"It was more of a professional relationship and we exchanged Instagrams so I kept seeing her pop up and I started to really fancy her."

"I reached out to Damu after the first lockdown and asked her on a date when we were allowed to do things together and we just clicked," Stefan explained.

"We went on a date where we pedaled a boat on a canal and the chemistry was perfect."

"I had been eyeing her up for a few years anyway so it was great that we had such a good connection romantically," Stefan admitted.

Stefan and Damu have now been dating since June last year...

​And when the U.K went into a national lockdown at the start of this month, the pair even decided to move in together.

"By the second lockdown we had moved in together and throughout the third, we're still going strong."

"She's gorgeous inside and out and I've been really lucky."

Stefan then explained that he doesn't have anything against Tinder and how it really helped his mental health during the first pandemic lockdown.

"It was great for my mental health in lockdown to speak to people. But if you've had your eye on someone for a while, now is a good time to try and talk to them online and get to know them a little better while we all have this free time."

"It's much easier to get a strong connection and it's definitely worked out for me with Damu."

"However I do think dating apps are fantastic for your mental health and virtual dates are still fun. It's a great way to prepare for us coming out of lockdown when everyone's able to go back to normal again."

Stefan then admitted he's feeling "very hopeful" for his future with Damu.

"If things continue like this with Damu, we're going to be a power couple for sure."

So it just goes to show, that finding love in a traditional way still works!


And that you don't have to rely on apps like Tinder to find the person of your dreams.