Joe Biden was branded as "creepy" by trolls for a snap of him and his son, but, the internet has had an unexpected reaction...

After right-wing commentator and TV host, John Cardillo, tweeted his disdain for a picture of Joe Biden and his son...

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The internet responded in the most incredible way.

The photo shows Biden with his youngest son, fifty-year-old Hunter Biden.

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And it conjured a huge reaction online.

After seeing the black and white snap, Cardillo posed a question that's raised several eyebrows.

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"Does this look like an appropriate father/son interaction to you?"

He didn't stop there, either.

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He followed up with a tweet saying, “Good morning to everyone except the creepy Bidens and their creepy staged pics."

His tweets gained a huge reaction.

Ridiculing men for showing affection towards their son's hugely plays into toxic masculinity.

But it was the response from Liz Plank, a Canadian journalist, that really turned heads...

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Plank invited men to “reply with a picture of their dad holding them."

She probably didn't anticipate the response she would get...

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The internet well and truly delivered, with pictures flooding in.

Many of the stories behind each of the snaps sent in are deeply personal.

Let's just say, they well and truly shut down Cardillo.

And now, for the pic that started it all...

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