Aimee and Adam From Sex Education Are Dating in Real Life | 22 Words

Sex Education is super charming and sexy and funny and heartfelt. It's one of the hottest shows on Netflix right now with audiences lapping up every second of it.

The first season was an unprecedented hit - and fans eagerly awaited the drop of season two.

Just over a week ago it finally landed on Netflix and we were all very excited to switch it on. But, uh oh, what's that, what's that opening scene.

But now we've got some exciting news to share with you all. Aimee and Adam are actually dating in real life!

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Sex Education premiered in Netflix just a few weeks ago.

And it is already quite the banger (pun 1,000,000 percent intended). Over 40 million accounts will watch it in its first month out.

The show centers around Otis, the awkward, sort of nerdy son of a sex therapist.


He decides to go into business with Maeve (an edgy girl who he has a massive crush on) and dole out sex advice to the terribly horny teenagers at their school.

The show is funny, heartfelt, inclusive, and full of sex.


And you should definitely watch it if you haven't already. It's eight episodes of total delight.

Sex Education definitely plays into the high school stereotypes we all know...


The troublemaker, the jock, the nerds, the outcasts... But it does a great job of subverting those clichés and making its characters three-dimensional.

In short, there are a bunch of reasons why it's become a massive hit.

I tend to agree with this person, who categorized the show as a "MUST WATCH." There are so many good reasons to watch this show.

Here's a PSA for all of you:

I really don't remember any marketing for the show, and to be fair, it seems like a tough show to market. It's really raunchy but also sweet, and grown-up but about high-schoolers. But Gillian Anderson should be enough of an endorsement for anyone to watch anything. She's amazing.

As the show gained popularity, however, people started commenting on how the show portrays high school...

As an American myself, it didn't really occur to me that the way Sex Education illustrates high school might not be at all realistic for British people.

It's a "bizarre mix of UK and US stuff."

The landscape was gorgeous but didn't seem particularly American to me. Though the students definitely wore letterman jackets. I didn't realize that wasn't a thing in UK high schools.

To be honest, it isn't really a thing in U.S. high schools anymore either...but we definitely recognize them when we see them.

But house parties don't happen in Britain? And does everyone, even public school kids, wear uniforms?

People were wondering why these choices were made.

Some thought that maybe it was to try to appeal to a wider audience, while others thought maybe it was an homage to those '80s American high school movies. Not everyone was immediately on board...

Some people didn't really care about the universe.

As long as Kelly Clarkson exists in it, they're happy. And she does. She very much does.

People really wanted to know if the portrayal of high school was a conscious choice.

The other option is that the people who made the show just really have no idea how British high school works.

Luckily, there is an answer:

Once I learned this, it made so much sense. And I kind of loved it even more! It is an homage to those movies, for sure, but it's also its own unique thing.

Even star Gillian Anderson chimed in on the topic:

I love that. Her character, of Otis's mom, is also an updated version of the over-the-top, silly adults that appear in those films. It all makes sense now.

Some noticed that the show also borrows from other high school shows like My So-Called Life.

But it is enough its own thing that it doesn't feel like a rehash or a ripoff. It's a smart and elevated show that happens to pay tribute to that genre.

Still, some people didn't quite buy the reality of the show.

I didn't find the show "extremely odd" at all, but then again, I'm an American, super used to all those tropes.

This person continued:

This is funny. But also, there were so many kids in that show that weren't portrayed as being cool. I don't really know what he's talking about.

For many, though, there was no issue with the British-American hybrid high school.

This is a real thing that happens when Americans watch a lot of British TV or movies. Does this happen to you?

The show got many with its perfect dialogue.

It really is a very funny show. And not every line is as sex-centered as these... But there is a lot of that.

It's also quite beautifully shot.

Seriously, Otis's house on the side of a mountain and the landscape is to die for. I really want to know where it was shot.

In addition to looking great, it tackles so many relevant issues.

I wholeheartedly agree with this take. It was also so effortlessly inclusive of all different sexualities and races, tackling the issues with grace and ease.

Not to mention, it makes you feel all the feels.

Ugh, that scene in the photo on the right... I don't want to spoil anything for you, but it's just done so perfectly.

The show will make you want to be friends with these girls.

They're messy and complicated and funny and smart like real women are. It was refreshing to see that representation on TV!

And finally Season Two has dropped.

And FINALLY it's here. After a year of waiting, twiddling our thumbs, and re-watching the first season, we have been granted new episodes and boy are they good.

However, the first scene is disturbing.

You may have seen it already, or maybe not, but if you go onto Netflix and start watching Sex Education season two well you'll be thrown face-first into a scene of hormonal adolescence.

It involves one helluva lot of erections.

Not only erections but their only known antidote too - masturbation. And the producers really didn't hold back. I had to look away I'll admit it.

And fans don't know what to think.

Some are ecstatic, others are totally disturbed. It's the marmite of the erectile compilation world. One fan said:
That opening scene was certainly... explosive.
Another explained:
There is, and I cannot stress this enough, NOTHING to describe how thrilled I am at the opening montage of season 2, episode 1 of Sex Education.

Here's a snippet.

The entire montage doesn't seem to be available anywhere aside from Netflix so that's where you've got to go to really enjoy it! However we do have a snippet for you to, ahem, check out.

But now some lighter news.

Aimee and Adam are two of the show's most popular characters. Adam's a little more controversial, but they're both absolutely key to the plot of the show. And well...

They're actually dating in real life!

Aimee and Adam, or as they're actually known, Aimee Lou Wood And Connor Swindells, feature as a couple in the hit Netflix show. But there must've been some serious sparks as they're a couple in reality too.

They've made it public.

Speaking to The Telegraph about the sex scenes in the show, Connor explained:
There is no confusion to be had between our sex scenes on the show and our own personal life.

He continued:

That way, it's like you're not taking anything from your own life. When you do that, you get home at the end of the day and you're depressed and you feel vulnerable, because you've just shown people what you do in the most personal, vulnerable situation.


We wish the couple a very happy relationship and hope that they find true love with one another.