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If you're looking for Airbnb horror stories, you've come to the right place.

Airbnb is an amazing company that has truly revolutionized travel convenience. Before Airbnb, it was pretty stressful looking for lodging while on vacation or a business trip. Now - thanks to the internet and iPhones and constant accessibility - you can find a place to stay in your price range without a ton of hassle.

Airbnb is also a great way to make some extra cash if you have a room you can rent out, or you're going to be traveling for an extended period of time. Lots of people have become Airbnb hosts and find it quite a lucrative business.

But, as with anything, there are pros and cons. In the case of being an Airbnb host, there are definitely some cons. You're opening your home to strangers and hoping for the best. Sometimes, even if a person comes across as sane and responsible via the app, that's not the case in reality. These Airbnb horror stories will definitely make you cringe, gasp, and likely gag. Some of them are truly horrifying!

The worst guests of all time.

Not me but my sister. She was visiting her boyfriend who lived in France at the time and figured it was a good idea to put her apartment on air b&b. There were 2 guys that ended up renting it for 9 days of the 3ish weeks she would be gone. Day 2 she got complaints from neighbors about garbage being thrown out the window, she lives on the 5th floor. She tried getting them to stop, when that didn't work she tried getting them to leave, didn't work either ofc. She ended up calling our parents to get them to help with calling the police as she was still in another country. When the officer showed up they spit in his face and tried punching him. He got reinforcements and got them removed, IDK what happened to them afterward sadly. As a side note: Air b&b was surprisingly helpful, and even handled all the legal things with the guys still paying for the full 9-day stay, without more than a quick call to describe what was happening. - Robotmurloc14

The creepiest guest.

Found a webcam in the bathroom. Not well-hidden, can't really prove which guest it was, but it scared the **** out of me because I'd probably be liable if a guest found it. - PMMeParkingTickets This is seriously not okay.

You might want to change the sheets.

Pre-AirBnB, my grandparents would rent out their house for the winter while they were in Florida. The last time they did this the tenant turned out to be a drug dealer and escort and let's just say that Grandma's bed was never the same.

- dantooine1977
Poor, sweet grandmother. Does she have any idea of what went on in that bed?

This is just nasty.

My friend has an Airbnb and told me one time this lady took a massive toilet clogging shit in the bathroom connected to his room because she didn't feel comfortable in the guest bathroom. - cookingwithsmitty Something tells me this guest is not going to get well-reviewed. Do people realize that on Airbnb, the hosts can review the guests? Be on your best behavior, people!

Cable stealers.

Steal the cable for the tv. The next guests asked about the tv not working, and upon inspection, we found that the physical cable from the tv to the cable was missing - taken by the previous guests. - Snuffleupagus03

No. This is horrifying.

Rented our holiday cabin out to come back to a disgusting smell of death, I don’t know how else to describe it but we found 6 dead deer dragged underneath the house and like propped up to look demonic. We rented it out to 5, 20-year-old boys. Would love to know what really happened that weekend.🤢 - maddzlee This sounds like it's out of a horror movie.

This story is really upsetting. Read at your own risk.

1st time was my last time. But, rented to a young lady and her 5-year-old son. Was supposed to be an overnight then she would return in a week for a second night. We met the lady and her son, showed her around, she told us she would likely be gone by noon at the latest. Wife and I showed up at the house around 1:30 to clean up. Her car was still in the driveway, we knocked on the door, the little boy answers. Tells us his mommy won't wake up. We found her lying on the floor next to the bed. Apparently she had a heart attack in the night and tried to get to her cell phone. The cops contacted her family, they came and got the little boy. Lots of tears and emotion. Wife and I decided that we didn't want that ever again. So, we took it off the site. - gunbunnycb

The classic "no show" situation.

Only rented a few times. Nothing rude, but I had a no-show once. They never canceled and I kept their money. I would have refunded had they messaged me with even the slightest excuse... but nope, just never heard from them at all. It was weird. - WhiskTheCouch Talk about flaking out.

This makes me never want to be an Airbnb host.

When I used to work for Airbnb, my job was to meet hosts and talk to them in person about their experience. One guy told me how some dude locked himself in the room he was renting and wouldn't come out for days. The host eventually called the cops to have the guy removed because he overstayed his visit and wasn't opening the door. When he finally was removed, the host found feathers everywhere. He couldn't figure out where they were coming from until he opened the closet door and saw blood and more feathers smeared all over the wall. Dude had been practicing voodoo or santeria or something in the closet, sacrificing chickens. - ckp010

This is a nightmare.

My sister rents out a unit that's attached to 2 other units. She told me about a guy who was a first time renter on the app. He seemed nice enough, but she got complaints from the neighbors about partying and loud music late at night. She spoke to him the next day, he was super chill about it, but when he left, she found a mess. Beer cans and food everywhere and on top of that he spilled beer all over the mattress so she had to get a new one. She charged him for it and wasn't sure if he was gonna pay up, but he did. It wasn't super bad, but it was incredibly stressful for her. - soysaucepapi Just clean up after yourself, dude.

Okay, this lady gets the rude guest award.

Had a guest from NYC stay in our VRBO apt for a week. She was a bit snooty and bragged that she was coming to sell high end seafood to high end restaurants. She asked me to make sure and accept a large package of frozen seafood that was being overnighted to the house prior to her arrival. I did and put it in her apartment. She arrived and we didn't see her until the day she left. She told us all went well and she got several new clients. Then she presented us with a HUGE fillet of Tuna as a gift. Once she left we went into the unit to start cleaning and prepping for new guests arriving a few days later. The place was FILTHY! She threw her trash on the floor rather than in the trash cans. All of the washcloths were missing from the linen closet but none were in the laundry pile. I found three bloody wash clothes under a paper towel in the bathroom trash. It was the only thing in it. There was this bad smell and we couldn't figure out where it was coming from. After a thorough search, we found it. She had been broiling seafood in the oven. That new oven was disgusting! The inside was caked in grease, fish scales and god knows what else. It took me one entire afternoon to get it clean. - rostoffario

You don't hear about this happening every day.

Not me personally but there was an article in the newspaper of my hometown about an Airbnb that was turned into a brothel for about two weeks. When the owner returned home he still had men show up at his door looking for the girls. - saamii_xx How much do you want to bet that this turns into a movie for Lifetime?

I think I'm going to be sick...

A friend of mine rented out his condo to a family for 3 months solid. When the rental period was up, they refused to leave and he had to call the police out to get them to go. Then he found out they had ruined the flooring in the kitchen by keeping a dog water bowl on the floor and letting the water just get trapped under it until it soaked in day after day, week after week. He said the kitchen looked like they'd been running a commercial restaurant because there was no way normal family meals could have accounted for the amount of grease and curry staining the walls. They'd also left rotting food on the counters that had maggots crawling on it. The kicker was he filed a complaint with Airbnb demanding a full refund of his 3 months rent because he wasn't happy with the rental. - McFeely_Smackup

In conclusion: human beings are disgusting.

Not a host, but previously worked as a case manager. The host contacted us about a disgusting scenario. Guest invited his squad, though he only rented for himself. Left without notice. Shit was smeared on the bathroom door, cocaine lines were on the kitchen counter, Sofa was split in half and the worst of all, the refrigerator was missing. Guest deactivated his account and can't be reached from our side. Had to escalate to the legal department as the police were involved. - StephenHuckleberry

My question is: who even owns bear mace?

Relative of mine has an Airbnb - tenant decided they didn't like the place for some reason and took a can of emergency bear mace and sprayed all over the Airbnb before leaving. Relative had to clean the place, eyes stinging the whole time before a new Airbnb tenant was to show up the next day. - NitnoYT

This is completely unacceptable.

My mom went to bed, my dad came upstairs later to find her fast asleep with the Airbnb guest also fast asleep NEXT TO HER IN BED. Seems he sleepwalked into her bed. Didn't even remember it the next day. - tellafriend

There are some strange people out there.

A guest once rearranged all the furniture to suit them, including putting our suede dining chairs in the very roomy shower. In doing so, they broke our 300lb glass coffee table too. All the books they moved into the mudroom. Just weird. - Desideratta Why would anyone do this? Suede dining chairs in a shower?

This is above and beyond crazy.

I can't get into specifics, but my job had to step out of a file where we had booked an Airbnb for someone. This lady went from the usual terrible person's behavior- trashing the property, letting her animals and kids run the place into ruin- to full-on Single White Female. She started impersonating the owner to install new security equipment, file renovations with the city, basically trying to get everything involving this property under her name. Last I heard before we cut our ties, she was inviting her entire family to move in so someone would be there at all times to chase the owner off every time they came by to talk or assess things. I feel so bad for that owner, and I hope she finally took legal action to get her life back. - Akiwuffle

Spare me the details.

I had a friend who used to Airbnb her one-bedroom apartment. One day when she returned the place was a mess like there had been a rager. There were a bunch of full garbage bags left so she peaked inside one to see what kind of party there had been. She found a Costco-sized box of enemas all used.

She never used Airbnb again.

- trina-cria

Spring break forever.

Not Airbnb but a competitor. A handful of college students rented my parents' vacation house for spring break. My parents made sure they knew it was in an uppity residential neighborhood and wild spring break parties wouldn’t fly. They rented it anyway, said six people were going. Somehow like fifty people showed up. The police got called due to the noise. Cleaning guy reported a missing widescreen tv, a front and back yard full of beer cans and red solo cups and other kinds of trash, a broken bed, and all three toilets were overflowing. - Ayayaya3 Keep reading for more Airbnb horror stories...

In this person's defense: bugs are scary.

Someone saw a bug and trashed the entire place screaming at 3 am. A. Bug. - im-a-platypus-hoe Does that mean they should've trashed the place? Absolutely not. But still...what kind of bug was it?

Did they film The Hangover here?

They managed to get champagne on the ceiling, weed in the carpet and hid used condoms under all the beds (that future guests found). - bedditbuser What a fun thing for a future guest to find.

Fishbones where exactly?

My parents rent out their villa in mainland Europe to friends and family. Mum's beginning to rethink after coming back and finding: ALL her forks in the outside flowerbed; the dishwasher broken as it's full of fishbones; missing bed sheets and towels; broken decorations; broken crockery and glasses; missing items that we've had since childhood, sometimes her childhood; much more but I can't remember right now. They charge a really low relative amount and no deposit, so maybe they're asking for it, but last time she was out, she was almost in tears about it all. She doesn't know who's done it but isn't keen on letting it out anymore, particularly as fixing the dishwasher cost almost as much as a week's stay. - PintsizedPachyderm

There's some deeper issue going on here.

I had a guest get so drunk at a wedding that he lost control of his bladder while sleeping. Then, after 100% ruining a $2000 mattress refused to cover the damages beyond his $100 security deposit. He thought that absolved him of any responsibility. He said, “I had an accident." “No," I replied, “Five-year-olds have accidents. You’re a grown man with a drinking problem." - excti2

Okay, this is one way to cover up damages...

I work for a vacation rental agency that works closely with Airbnb. I had a sweet old homeowner call in and explain how her house was dirtier than normal but thought it was just due to the younger guests, nothing crazy and she was so nice about the whole thing. Then she mentioned that after further inspection she realized they had moved a large painting above one of the beds which she thought was quirky, turns out there was a person-sized hole hidden behind that painting, they had fallen through and tried to cover it up in the most comical way possible. You hear a lot of crazy stories when you're the one the guests/owners call. - SissyKittyKira

You do not mess with the Wifi.

Not my house but the previous guest at an Airbnb I stayed at had slashed the cables of electronics, namely the WiFi router, and had also stolen the booklet the owners had left out for us that contained important information such as the WiFi password and other housewarming stuff. Since I absolutely needed WiFi that evening for a video conference I had no choice but to take a hotel down the road.

This is how the zombie apocalypse starts.

Not me but someone who stayed the same place I did. I visited another country and had fallen ill on my way to the place. When I got there they said I would have to get cleared before staying. This is why: A previous person had come with their sibling from another country. They were both doctors who worked with viruses. One of them fell terribly ill. No one knew until he had to be taken into emergency care and had left coughed up blood all over the room. They had to kick everyone out and quarantine the place. Clean it like a hospital. They lost thousands of dollars over this. So when I showed up with a cold they were understandably paranoid. - stare_at_the_sun

Why would anyone think this is okay to do?

On the morning radio show, they were talking about this Airbnb survey they did and 30% of people polled said it was OK to wear clothes they find in the house. Like WTF? There were some other weird ones but that by far stuck out the most to me. How could you think it's ok to just borrow someone else's clothes lol? - spartanburt

This employee deserves a raise.

I don’t rent out Airbnb’s, but I do clean for some of the properties. The places I clean are 3 stories and take at least 4-5 hours to clean if they’re left in good shape. I live in a city though, which means people come from out of town to have bachelor/bachelorette parties. One bachelor party group peed behind the washer into a bottle along with dumping detergent all over the floor. I also found a bottle of pee under one of the beds. One of the showers had puke all over it, there was tobacco spit all over a bunch of the sheets, and there was so much body fluid to clean, that I thought about quitting on the spot. They completely TRASHED the place, and I got yelled at for not cleaning it up fast enough. God, I need a new job. - KaoriNanaNana

These stories are truly shocking and appalling.

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