Airplane Forced To Turn Around After Mom Forgets Baby at Airport

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Shout out to the moms who are all doing so amazing at the moment. Those of us in the know understand that being a parent can be so difficult and you seemingly have to remember everything.

It can also be extremely overwhelming sometimes, meaning sometimes moms can make a couple mistakes.

Well, a mom recently did a full-on Home Alone as she left her baby in an airport after boarding a plane.

The passenger jet was forced to turn around soon after take-off as the forgetful mother demanded she be reunited with her child. Flight SV832 had been due to fly from Jeddah in Saudi Arabia to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia but had to swiftly return to the King Abdul Aziz International Airport.

Video footage captured the baffled air control operators speaking by radio with the pilots, who were doing their best to explain the bizarre situation. As they did so, the airport staff were trying to establish the protocol for such a scenario, Gulf News reported.

“May God be with us. Can we come back or what?” the pilot can be heard asking the air traffic controllers. After noting the flight number, the operator asks a colleague what protocol they should follow, if one even exists.

“This flight is requesting to come back… a passenger forgot her baby in the waiting area, the poor thing,” the pilot continued.

Air traffic staff then pressed the pilot to confirm the story, to which he replied, “We told you, a passenger left her baby in the terminal and refuses to continue the flight.”

With the story straight, the operator then gave them the all-clear to turn around and return to Jeddah. “Ok, head back to the gate,” he said, “This is totally a new one for us!”

However, some articles reported that pieces of the story were originally misinterpreted by outlets. Firstly, it was thought that the baby was around 3-5 years old, but the video of the captain using the word “baby” may have caused confusion. The second interpretation was that the mother “forgot” the child when in reality, due to the language barrier, she actually meant “left behind” as she had been helping another elderly passenger.

No further information about the mother or the child was available, but it appears the two were reunited once the plane returned to the Red Sea Port City. It is rare for planes to turn around or divert midair for anything other than technical or passenger health reasons.

In 2013, an American Airlines flight from Los Angeles to New York diverted to Kansas City because of a “very unruly passenger” who refused to stop singing Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You.” We’re glad we weren’t on that flight!