American Airlines Passengers Brawl Over Who Gets To Deplane First

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As restrictions lift and stores open back up, many are proving they’ve forgotten how to behave in public – as this viral brawl on an airplane proves.

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Every one of us has had to deal with the challenges of 2020.

And now, in 2021, things seem as though they’re slowly returning to normal.

And the world feels a little less like an apocalypse movie. Albeit only a little less.

To prevent us from plummeting back into the worst of it.

But as things open up, it seems people have forgotten how to behave in public …

As this huge brawl on an airplane proves …

The fight happened when Flight 2275 from Los Angeles landed at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

And certain passengers had ideas about who should get off the plane first.

2 women got into a fistfighter over the issue.

Which meant no passengers could leave the plane until everybody calmed down.

“Fight broke out as the plane was exiting. Didn’t make it off the plane until about 7:00pm because of the altercation,” wrote one passenger.

“Call for law enforcement! Call for law enforcement!” wrote another.

Check out the video here.

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