Aldi Is Selling Bottles of Margarita Wine and It Already Has a Loyal Fan Base | 22 Words

A lot of us seem to have been drinking a bit more recently. But if you're getting bored of the same wine or beer every time, and are wishing for a fruity cocktail, then Aldi might have a good solution for you!

Keep reading to find out what could be your new favorite drink...

Now, who doesn't love a drink every so often?

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A wine, beer, cocktail, or a mocktail.

Often enjoyed on an evening to relax.

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Or a night out with friends.

And given current circumstances, some people have found themselves bored.

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And not needing to go into work.

Meaning they have more time to enjoy the little things at home.

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Things like sitting down to a nice home-cooked meal on an evening with a glass of wine.

Or joining a group call with all your friends.

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And pretending like you're hanging out as normal.

Well, if you are someone that enjoys an alcoholic drink.

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And you're up for trying something new.

Then Aldi's new drink might be perfect for you.

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As they've released a margarita wine.



You did read that right.

Now, you might be intrigued.

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Sound quite strange, doesn't it?

The refreshing taste of a tequilla-filled Margarita.

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But with wine - that's quite a twist!

We can't imagine what it would taste like.

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Or if it would even be nice to drink...

Sometimes, things are better left separate.

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But from the loyal fan-base that the margarita wine has already developed, it must be good!

Aldi is selling the bottled margarita wine.

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By brand Rancho La Gloria Wine Cocktails.

The drink is made from agave wine, which comes from the same plant as tequila.

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But it contains less alcohol.

Tempted to try it yet?

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We want to!

The drink was spotted on shelves in two flavors: classic and strawberry.

To be enjoyed over ice, the drink is described as "lime and lemon-curd meringue with a smooth sorbet finish of candied-orange peel."

Now, it doesn't actually contain any tequila, but...

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You might be surprised to hear that it still contains 13.9 percent ABV, which pretty high.

Despite our lack of knowledge about margarita wine, it seems that many others know a lot about it.

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Lots of people have already shared their reviews - many of which are good!

One Instagram user said "I found this at Target. It's delicious"

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Another user agreed. It seems that they can't get enough of it, in fact! "I’m a loyal fan of these I started drinking them about 3months ago and ever SENCE then I buy them like a six pack @ $10 a bottle."

Whilst others, who were yet to try it, said that they needed it on their next grocery trip, with one user writing "I’m buying them tomorrow!"

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So, will it be on your shopping list?