Daredevil Alex Harvill Dead After Horrifying Crash During World-Record Jump Attempt

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Famous motorcycle stunt man Alex Harvill tragically died on Thursday at just twenty eight years old after crashing during a world-record jump attempt.

Harvill tried to launch his bike off of a ramp 351 feet at the Moses Lake Airshow in Washington but instead, he crash-landed into a dirt mound.

He was thrown off the handlebars in the aftermath of the crash and tumbled dozens of feet before he stopped still. The scene was terrifying…
According to the Grant County Sheriff’s Office, Harvill died not long after the heartbreaking incident as a result of the injuries he suffered when the accident occurred.

“Our deepest sympathies go out to Alex’s family, friends and loved ones,” the Sheriff’s office said.

The Sheriff’s office added that Harvill’s family had been notified and an autopsy would be carried out today to determine the cause and manner of his death after the incident.
But, before he died, Airshow promised to donate the money made from Harvill’s jump to his medical expenses. However, the injuries Harvill attained were unfortunately too severe.

And even more tragically so, Harvill recently welcomed his second baby into the world not long before the accident.

“Welcome to the world baby Watson Robert Harvill” Harvill’s instagram caption read.

“This is very sad. Life is so sacred to be risked this way. I am so sad for his family.”

People over social media were heartbroken by the news and sympathy was given to his family…

However, not all people sympathized with Harvill’s tragic passing.

“And without any consideration for their loved ones,” one person tweeted, “He just had a new baby about a month ago. The thrill, rush, and records he constantly sought are now sated, but meaningless. Too bad those babies will never get to personally know their daddy.”

Harvill was a very experienced stuntman…

He previously set a world record back in 2013 when he jumped from one dirt ramp to another 297 feet away. He was exceptional at what he did and admired every minute of it.
Rest in Peace, Alex.