I'm sure that everyone reading this can recall the infamous Jeopardy! theme song. Can you hear it?

The age-old tune with its tick-tocking melody playing over and over again in your living room at 7 pm on a Monday night? I know I sure can. Jeopardy! is just one of those constants in life. And while you may not see any quiz show drama flash across your Facebook feed, or pop up during your Instagram scroll-sesh these days, let's just say that you can always count on it to be playing on TV – mid-evening with its hundreds of trivia questions stumping viewers across the nation.

Not only is Jeopardy! a constant in many households, but so is its host, seventy-eight-year-old Alex Trebek. The television personality has been a part of the syndicated game show since its revival in 1984. But this year host, Alex Trebek, has been plagued with ongoing health issues - and it seems a tragic end may be imminent.

Now Trebek's wife has opened up about what life is like for the couple right now.

Yes, you heard that right – 1984! Trebek has been hosting the popular show for over thirty years.

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Alex took over for the second run of the show after producers decided to bring it back to life! The game show had originally aired in 1964, on NBC. It was created by host and media mogul, Merv Griffin. He even wrote the infamous theme song you hear when Jeopardy! contestants reach the final round.

After having its run on syndicated TV during the late '70s, producers decided to bring back the show for another run.

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And the show has been going strong ever since! It's a good thing that there is a bunch of trivia facts floating around in the world these days...

But, recently, Alex Trebek had some sad news to share with us.

"Just like 50,000 other people in the United States each year, this week, I was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Now, normally, the prognosis for this is not very encouraging, but I’m going to fight this, and I’m going to keep working, and with the love and support of my family and friends and with the help of your prayers also, I plan to beat the low survival rates statistics for this disease," he said.

Trebek isn't just a TV host, he's essentially America's dad.

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He knows all the answers, and his deep, calming voice has been a constant source of knowledge and entertainment for us for so many years.

But let's rewind. Can we talk about the part where he says he's under contract for the next 3 years?

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Even in times of darkness, this guy is stronger than ever – and shows us that he has a great sense of humor.

A simpler time...

Remember when the biggest Jeopardy! news was Trebek's beard? I, for one, liked it.

But this isn't Trebek's first health scare.

He went on hiatus in January of 2018 after undergoing surgery to remove blood clots from his brain. And, miraculously, he quickly bounced back, better than ever.

And, for a while, it looked like our prayers had been answered.

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Because it was announced that Trebek was returning back to work as the host of Jeopardy!. After the initial scare, we'd all been waiting in anticipation for this moment.

The host was still battling the disease.

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Even though he was not technically in remission yet, Trebek has vowed that he will keep working while he's "on the mend." One of the nation's favorite treasures said: "I plan to beat the low survival-rate statistics for this disease." What a man!

It might have been strange to watch him on our screens again knowing his condition, but we were so happy to see him return!

The new season of Jeopardy! (with Alex Trebek as the host!) premiered September 9th.

But fans were then hit with heartbreaking news.

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Following a loss of a whopping twelve pounds in a single week, plus seeing his "numbers go sky-high," Trebek announced that he was undergoing chemotherapy once more.

"The doctors have decided that I have to undergo chemo again and that's what I'm doing."

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"Cancer is mysterious in more ways than one."

Now Trebek has offered more insight into his battle.

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Alongside the jump in numbers, Trebek claims he was experiencing "excruciating pain" in his back, along with nausea and fatigue.

"So we're back on the chemo."

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"We'll see if the numbers go down. And if they do... they can't keep doing it forever of course."

"They’ll have to find a new protocol or whatever to administer."

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"We'll play it by ear and keep chugging along until we either win or lose."

He's dedicated to his job, though.

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He claims he'll keep working "as long as my skills do not diminish," although cold sores from his chemo have left him struggling to enunciate.

"I’m sure there are observant members of the television audience that notice also, but they’re forgiving."

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“But there will come a point when they (fans and producers) will no longer be able to say, ‘It’s okay.’"

"I’m not afraid of dying."

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“I’ve lived a good life, a full life, and I’m nearing the end of that life … if it happens, why should I be afraid that?"

But last year saw a very sweet tribute to the star.

As of right now, Trebek is still hosting Jeopardy! - and his dedication to the show has not gone unnoticed by contestants.

And one contestant in particular paid tribute.

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In the Final Jeopardy round, contestant Dhruv Gaur chose not to write a question - and instead simply wrote a tribute to Trebek on his board.

Not only was this super cute...

But it showed real dedication by Gaur. He ended up losing $1995 of his $2000 prize money thanks to his cute message.

And Trebek was clearly touched.

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When he saw what Gaur had done, he choked up. "Oh, that's very kind of you. Thank you. That cost you $1,995, you're left with $5."

Gaur spoke out on Twitter about his decision.

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He shared that he had just been told about Trebek's relapse when he made his emotional decision.

And he claims to have no regrets.

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Hey, telling Alex Trebek how much you love him is kind of priceless, right?

This guy is truly a hero to the American public.

And seeing how much the public loves him is truly heartwarming.

And now Trebek's wife has spoken out about her husband.

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The pair married in 1990, and share 2 children together.

They appeared on Good Morning America to talk about their struggles.

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"It's always tough for caretakers because she has to deal with her worrying about my well-being and also dealing with ... I'm not always the most pleasant person to be around when I'm experiencing severe pain or depression, and she has to tread lightly around me," Trebek revealed.

Jean was asked what the hardest part of looking after Trebek is.

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"When I see him in pain and I can't help him," she said. "When he doesn't eat right." "When he has too much diet soda," she then joked.

Jean claims this helpless feeling is what she finds most difficult.

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She also claims that although she worries about Trebek continuing work, she believes it's good that it grants him a sense of purpose.

Watch the interview here.

While it can't be easy to go through this sort of tragedy, the fact they have each other must be of some comfort to the couple. We're sending our best wishes.