Influencer Alexis Sharkey's Cause of Death Confirmed | 22 Words

The cause of Alexis Sharkey's tragic death has finally been confirmed...

And it's safe to say it's come after a traumatic couple of months.

On November 28th, 2020, the body of the twenty-six-year-old influencer was found on the side of Red Haw Lane, a quiet street near the frontage road of Interstate 10 in Houston.

She was immediately pronounced as dead...

And her 72,000 followers were left devastated by the news.

This whole nightmare started on November 27th, when Alexis' mom reported her as missing.

Her mother originally told local media that her daughter left her house that evening following a fight with her husband, Tom Sharkey, and did not take her car.

The next morning at around 8:30 am, municipal workers discovered her nude body, which had no visible wounds, on the side of the I-10 service road.

The location is just 3 miles away from the apartment Alexis shared with Tom and is right off the same thoroughfare where she'd been found, according to police and records as per the New York Post.

Following her death, friends of Alexis spoke out about her relationship with Tom, alleging she'd been planning for a divorce and had grown afraid of him...

Although Tom strongly denied these claims.

In the weeks following Alexis' tragic death, her mom, Stacey Robinault, alleged in December that she had to "fight" Tom for access to his late wife's body after he stopped communicating with the family for 2 weeks.

Originally, Tom was listed as the next of kin in the medical examiner's records, but that was changed sometime later to her parents.

Suspicions began to arise around Tom and his involvement with Alexis' death...

And hundreds of the young woman's followers and fans began rallying against Tom and accusing him of domestic violence, including being responsible for her death.

Well, on Tuesday this week, Alexis' death was officially ruled as a homicide by the Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences...

And her cause of death has also been confirmed.

Officials announced that Alexis was strangled to death...

And an official investigation is currently underway, although no arrests have yet been made.

Rest in Peace, Alexis.

Our deepest thoughts and condolences go out to her family during this terrible time.