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All Florida School Districts Lift Mask Mandate

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All Florida school districts have lifted their mask mandate after cases fell.

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2022 is almost upon us.

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But as we loom closer towards the Holiday Season and subsequent new year, covid continues to dominate our headlines and day-to-day lives.


However things seem to be looking a little brighter.

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And after covid cases in Florida fell, all school districts in the state have removed their mask mandate.


The mask mandate created a wealth of controversy across the US.

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But according to Forbes, every school district in Florida that had been punished by the state for imposing a mask mandate that violated a statewide ban on them has now lifted its mask order as of this week.


The move is due to covid cases dropping.

As well as vaccines becoming available for children ages five to 11.


It’s reported to be part of a nationwide trend.

While not every state in the US is considering dropping the mandate just yet, many governors from across the nation are claiming the mask mandate won’t be around for too long.
However, some health experts are criticizing the move…