All People With Blue Eyes Have This One Thing in Common

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They say eyes are the windows to the soul– but what about people with the same color eyes?

If you have blue eyes, you’ll be interested to know that you have something in common with every other person who has blue eyes. No, we’re not all related (though that would be something). Everyone who has blue eyes is descended from a single European who lived roughly 6,000 to 10,000 years ago. That European developed a mutation that led to all the blue eyes in the world.

Okay, so how is every blue-eyed person a descendant of a single European? That seems kind of bonkers, right? What’s even more bonkers is that at one point, every human had brown eyes.

But let’s talk about what blue-eyed folks have in common. It’s about to get real scientific in here, y’all.

So, originally, everyone had brown eyes.

But the gene OCA2 changed that and different shades of brown were developed.  

Then, a mutation to the gene HERC2 was discovered as the cause of blue eyes.

The mutation determines how much brown pigment we make. It was determined that this happened when people migrated from Africa to Europe.

This has led to the conclusion that people with blue eyes descend from a single European.

Is everyone’s mind blown yet?

So what backs up this scientific theory?

If you have blue eyes, you have the same mutation in genes that other blue-eyed people have. This fact is evidence for the theory that all blue-eyed people descend from the same European.

Who was the first person to have blue eyes though?

The earliest known person with blue eyes was a 7,000 year-old-skeleton that was found in northern Spain. Genetic analysis proved that the eyes were once blue.

But nobody knows for sure who the first person with blue eyes was.

It seems like it’ll always be a mystery.

Science is wild, y’all.

So what are some other insane facts about eyes?

Eyes are very old.

They are believed to have been formed in animals over 500 million years ago.

You actually don’t do any of your seeing with your eyes.

You see with your brain– the eyes are like a camera.

You can blink five times in a single second.

That is a lot of blinking. How is that even possible?

You will most likely blink over four million times a year.

So much blinking.

The most common eye color is brown.

Sorry to everyone else.

We see everything upside down.

Our brains communicate to our eyes how to actually see things and flip images the right way.

The eyes begin to develop after just two weeks of being conceived.

Human development is wild. Is anybody else consistently amazed by how our bodies work?

Our tears dry up as we get older.

With each year that we age, we produce less and less tears.

There are things living in our eyelashes.

They’re microscopic and harmless, but we all have living organisms in our eyelashes. Um, this is terrifying information.

An ostrich’s eyes are bigger than its brain.

What an interesting creature…

Dolphins sleep with one of their eyes open.

They’re ready for anything.

Who has the largest eye in the world?

The Colossal Squid has the biggest eye in the world. It measures 27 cm across.

Bees have five eyes in total.

I feel like having five pairs of eyes would be ideal. You could see so many things.

You blink more when you’re talking.

Are you a talking blinker or are you more of a person who just stares and stares?

At birth, every baby is color blind.

Yes, way!

You can’t sneeze with your eyes open.

It’s impossible, no matter how hard you try.

You read faster if your read something on paper.

Humans read about 25% slower when reading on a screen.

Dogs don’t know the difference between red and green.

Poor dogs.

The human eye can see about 500 shades of grey.

Who knew there were so many different shades of grey?

Eyes are very complex.

They’re the second most complex organ after the brain.

One of your eyes is always stronger than the other.

Can’t everyone always get along? Nope, one eye will always be stronger.

Eye muscles are super active.

They’re the most active muscle in the entire body.

Eyes are crazy.

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