13-Year-Old Girl Left Fighting For Her Life After Bath Bomb Nearly Kills Her

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A thirteen-year-old girl was left fighting for her life after she found out the bath bomb she was using was actually her worst nightmare…

Bath bombs are meant to bring excitement to what would otherwise just be a boring ol’ task.

As a teen, picking out and using the glitter infused fizzers became a ritual.

There is nothing better than dropping anbath bomb into the water and watching it do its thing.

From Lush’s Intergalactic to Ouai’s Chill Pills, there is a whole range of stuff you can get your hands on.

But in some cases, things can take a quick downward turn…

You might be thinking, what could possibly be in a bath bomb that could kill someone?

While a lot of us would probably assume it’s chemical ingredients that cause people the most issues…

This story will prove that even the simplest things can do the most harm.

And it’s all because of certain allergies, guys.

Whether it’s a pollen allergy that wreaks havoc throughout summer or a dairy allergy meaning cheese is well and truly off the menu – we all either have one ourselves or know someone else with an allergy of some sort.

They are very common.

So common in fact, that thirty-two million Americans reportedly have some kind of food allergy, with egg, peanut, tree nuts, wheat, soy, fish, and crustacean shellfish, being the main 7 culprits for the most severe reactions.

But there are definitely some allergies that are more on the bizarre side.

Although extremely rare, everything ranging from glitter to leather can induce allergic reactions in people.

Apparently you can even be allergic to your kids.

No, we’re not joking. Some women are unlucky enough to end up with painful pregnancy-related skin allergy called pemphigoid gestationis – an autoimmune disease that usually manifests during the second or third trimester.

But there are several other pretty strange allergies that could put someone’s life at risk…

Even if there are just traces of it.

And that’s why if you’re allergic to a commonly used product, checking labels becomes a typical part of your daily routine…

But despite this, sometimes it’s easy to miss triggers…

One thirteen-year-old girl was left fighting for her life after she did just that.

Emelia Brain didn’t expect her bath bomb to nearly kill her after she got into the bath.

As soon as the product touched her skin, she immediately felt the strange sensation.

Her throat started closing up and she couldn’t breathe but between puffs, she called out for her mom and dad who rushed to her aid.

The emergency services were called.

Upon arriving at the scene, they gave Emelia shots of antihistamines and adrenaline.

​She was then transported to the hospital where she was also given a heavy dose of steroids.

The welts on her body calmed down and she could breathe normally again, but the trauma that came with the situation was long-lasting.

For her mom, this event really shocked her…

“What if we have been downstairs with the door shut?” Maria told The Mirror. “She could have been in the house by herself. I don’t think she would have stood a chance.”

She continued:

“The reaction was so fast because she was ingesting the steam, that is the scary thing. It doesn’t bear thinking about.”

Emelia has been allergic to certain ingredients from a young age…

After undergoing a series of tests, healthcare professionals discovered that she was allergic to all dairy products, eggs, tree nuts, and the cold, and she also has asthma.

So what was the culprit?


The bath bomb had traces of milk in it which caused her to have the severe allergic reaction.

And of course, people were shocked upon hearing that this was caused over such a simple household product.

Thankfully Emelia is doing well now.

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