Allyson Felix Gets Adorable Welcome Home From Daughter After Olympics

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Allyson Felix has received an adorable welcome home greeting from her daughter, Camryn, after returning from the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

Felix returned home to her family in California after winning her 11th career medal at the Tokyo Olympics, making her the most decorated American track and field athlete of all time.

Felix, who won a gold and bronze medal at the Games, took to Instagram to share a video of the adorable welcome home she received from her 2-year-old daughter and other family members.

The video shows Felix walk through her front door where Camryn is waiting inside.

“I missed you,” Camryn can be heard saying in the video as her mom picks her up.

Following her reunion, Felix, who said the Tokyo Games will be her last, shared another picture with her daughter on Instagram. The picture shows the pair sat on the floor playing and alongside it, she wrote a touching message for her daughter.

“Every mom has a legacy in the making – mine is my daughter Camryn. As an Olympic Athlete, activist and mom, my legacy is more than medals – it’s changing the world for my daughter and every daughter out there,” she wrote.

The message has sparked praise from her followers:

“Such an inspiration. I’m so glad my daughter has strong amazing women like yourself to look up to as role models,” one person wrote under her Instagram post.

“Your legacy is amazing, as are you! Thank you for inspiring us to create our own!” said another.

“You are our QUEEN. Camryn is such a lucky little girl to have you for her mama,” wrote a third.

While at the Games, Felix opened up about how her daughter gave her the “courage” to continue competing after critics questioned her ability once she had given birth.

As per People, Felix told reporters after her relay win: “I had to go through challenges in the fight. I’m absolutely where I’m supposed to be. You know, sometimes I think you just have to fight through and I think it’s unfortunate. It’s not just me. And I think that that’s the biggest thing.

“There have been so many women before me who had to stay silent about their fight.

“And so for me to be able to step out and I think my daughter gave me the courage to do that. But I think that was really the thing, that this has been going on for far too long. And I hope that we’re really changing things.”