Amazon Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals Under $50

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Black Friday doesn’t have to be reserved exclusively for big purchases – there are many items that are reduced to under $50, and many that were already under that have become even cheaper! This list is a collection of the highlights from these deals – think of it as a bargain bucket, if you will, of Amazon’s greatest deals under $50 this weekend.

From these wireless headphones to this coffee maker, many of the items on this list are also great picks for Christmas presents this year – which I suppose is kind of the point of Black Friday, right? There is even some scope in this list for personalized gift offerings, with this bargain pack of twenty succulents being a great chance for some DIY terrariums. Besides gifting purposes, it’s always fun to just have a good nosey at whatever deals are on offer at this time of year. Continue scrolling to do just that!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and Brainjolt may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

The Fire TV Stick Lite

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Put a Fire TV Stick Lite on your Christmas list; heck, buy one for everyone you know because this is Amazon’s most affordable streaming stick option and it’s a good one. This version is great for new users just getting into streaming (hello, new cord cutters!), providing access to 200,000-plus free movies and TV shows. Toss one in a stocking and thank me later.

Save Over Fifty Percent on This Adidas Beanie

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This Adidas beanie is on a great offer for Black Friday, so whether you fancy it for yourself or to gift it during the holidays, grab it this weekend for just $8.70, rather than its regular price of $26.

A Smart Soap Dispenser That’s Completely Touch-Free

You’re always washing your hands, but what about the pump on your soap dispenser? The solution: this smart soap dispenser that senses where your hands are. A single charge keeps it running for up to three months β€” and you can even pair it with compatible Echo devices to listen to music while you’re in the bathroom.

This Set of Six Balls is Perfect for the Playground

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Do your kids eat through balls like nothing else? Stock up so they never have to go without again, with this set of six colorful playground balls. Reviewers praise their ‘great quality’ and how ‘durable’ they are.

A Smart Speaker That Can Do Almost Anything

Of course, you can use this echo dot to stream music β€” but it’s so much more than a simple smart speaker. You can also use it to check the weather, or even ask it to tell you a funny joke. Plus, the crisp vocals and balanced bass give it a full sound that always sounds good.

These Wireless Headphones Are a Bargain

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Once I tried wireless headphones, I knew that I could never go back to fiddling with wired ones ever again. The only downside of this, however, is the price point of most Bluetooth headphones is usually $100 and over. This pair, however, are on offer this Black Friday for just under $50 – I’d grab them quickly if I were you!

I Can Never Go Back to Normal Can Openers after Trying This One

via Amazon

This can opener is a great investment of your money – for under $15, you will never struggle to open a can again in your life. The clever design allows for you to use just one hand to get into your canned goods, and it’s on offer for the whole of this weekend, so there’s never been a better excuse to pick one up!

Pick Up This Coffee Maker with a Saving of $50

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Waking up to a pot of freshly brewed coffee is something that I dream of on a regular basis, alas it rarely is a reality. However, this coffee pot features a timer that allows for you to program the coffee to be ready just as you wake up. For only $29, this is an absolute steal.

This Smart Clock That Always Adjusts For Daylight Savings

If you’re always forgetting to change your clocks for daylight savings, you’ll definitely want to grab this smart one. It’s perfect for kid rooms, or anywhere else in the house if you’re a Disney fan. And since Alexa is built into it, you can also set timers using your voice.

This Pocket Knife Makes a Great Gift

Pocket knives are one of those things that I never appreciate fully until I need one. This one looks great and includes all the functions that you want out of a multi-tool. It is definitely going in my basket for my boyfriend’s Christmas present.

This Pendant Light is Such an Easy Home Refresh

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The Black Friday deals are a perfect excuse to give your home a new look, and this pendant light is a super-easy way to change it up. Although it looks super high-end, you can grab it for just $29 this weekend.

This Over the Door Basketball Hoop is an Incredible Price

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This over-the-door basketball hoop is the kind of thing I have only seen in films, but for just $31.80, I could own one myself! It would make a fantastic present this holiday season for any kids, college students, or just anyone who enjoys throwing a ball indoors!

It is the Perfect Time of Year for This Cordless Leaf Blower

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Let me tell you about the importance of leaf blowers. Last week, I was walking on the deck, but I slipped on a leaf and now have a bruise the size of Texas on my backside to prove it. So, don’t make my mistake of just leaving them, and pick up this leaf blower to keep you (and your bottoms) safe.

Get Ahead on Christmas with This Disney Wrapping Paper

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This Frozen-themed wrapping paper is on offer for half price this Black Friday, so there has never been a better time to pick some up. Please both the wrapper and whoever receives the gift with this premium quality paper from Hallmark.

Stock up on Pet Essentials Like This Cat Food

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Make the most out of the deals this weekend by shopping for things that you need to buy anyway, like this big bag of cat food.

Reviews like this one mean it is unlikely that you can go wrong: “They have never once voiced a complaint to me about the food and let’s be honest, cats like to complain a lot.”

This Foldable Yoga Mat is Great for Those with a Part Time Hobby

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Yoga mats are really expensive, and usually take up more space than you’d like. Introducing, this foldable yoga mat from Amazon – and it’s on offer this week for under $15!

This Pack of Twenty Succulents is Keeping Me Busy until Next Year

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We all have plant people in our lives. For me, it is myself. I am a plant person. So, when I spotted this pack of twenty succulents in the Black Friday sales, I knew I had to have them. To all my friends and family, be expecting homemade terrariums for Christmas, because I am just that cute.

This Mop is Life Changing

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Since switching to this mop, I wonder why I struggled with the traditional style for so many years. With almost 6,000 reviewers rating it 5-stars, I am not alone in my love for this ingenious creation!

This Cube Storage Unit is a Great Deal

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For just $35, you can pick up this sweet little storage unit. I know personally, I could always do with more storage, and this unit is a handy size to fit in just about anywhere in your home.