Amazon Is Taking More Than 50% Off Lodge’s Dutch Oven So It’s Time To Get Your Cook On

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Whether you’re a cooking connoisseur or a total beginner in the kitchen, having the right tools can really help take your homemade meals to the next level. And a dutch oven is one of the most universally useful kitchenware items out there – from stews to curries to pasta sauces, there’s nothing they can’t handle. You can even roast a chicken or bake a loaf of bread inside one!

And now, Amazon’s viral dutch oven is on super sale – so you’ve got no excuse not to add to your cart!

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The Lodge Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven is an internet smash hit, and it’s not hard to see why.

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The enamel porcelain coating makes this dutch oven incredibly hard wearing.

It’s also hugely versatile.

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You can use it as your would a regular pan on your stovetop, or put it inside your oven.

Lodge is a particularly beloved dutch oven brand.

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It’s a family run business founded way back in 1896 – so you know they have the expertise.

The pan currently has almost 24,000 5-star ratings.

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“I gave 5 stars to the Lodge EC7D33 Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven for many reasons. The first being that it has held up great under regular use. I waited fifteen months to do this review was because time slipped by so fast, but normally when I buy cookware and kitchen appliances I wait 6-8 months to see if they hold up or fail. This one has held up fine. I have used cast iron cookware for over thirty years now. Knowing that enamel is very easy to chip I treat it like it is glass. I take extra care not to use metal utensils in them and never soak them in water for long periods of time before cleaning them. As with all cast iron, I always heat them up slowly, never dry, and never straight to high heat because that to can make the enamel chip or pop-off. The same thing as heating them before cleaning them you need to allow them to cool down first. For cleaning my Enameled Cast Iron only I use a worn-out green Scotch-Brite Pad with some dish soap clean and scrub if needed. Mine are still nice and white inside and unchipped after many years of use. The newest one is the Lodge EC7D33 I use it weekly and I’m happy with it so far… If it holds up as long as my other old Lodge Enameled Cast Iron Cookware have, this one will be around long after I’m gone…” one happy customer wrote.

“Oh my gosh, I wish I’d invested in one of these a long time ago. It is NOTHING like using regular pots.”

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“I don’t have to turn my burners up as high, it heats so evenly, no hotspots, no burning, no cold centers. I went slow and low with my sauce today and it came out better than it has ever come out. Cleanup was a breeze and I was able to make a giant batch and freeze most of it after dinner. If you are like me and need an entry-level enameled cast iron, GET THIS. It was worth every penny,” another agreed.
So get yours today, right here!