Amazon-Owned Brands That Have Stellar Deals This Holiday Weekend

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I never knew how many brands Amazon-owned, but I sure am glad I do now in preparation for the sales this Black Friday weekend. Some of the best offers on the website come from their own brands, which is not much of a surprise really. Luckily, you won’t have to trawl through the website to find all these great deals, as I have collected them all here in this list for you!

From these dog treats by Amazon’s own-brand Wag to this stylish mid-century armchair from their exclusive furniture brand Rivet, the range of brands that Amazon owns is astounding. Plus, all of the items have fantastic reviews from customers, so you know you will really be getting your money’s worth.

Continue reading for the top picks of Amazon’s own-brand deals this Black Friday weekend.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and Brainjolt may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

A Smart Soap Dispenser That’s Completely Touch-Free

You’re always washing your hands, but what about the pump on your soap dispenser? The solution: this smart soap dispenser that senses where your hands are. A single charge keeps it running for up to three months — and you can even pair it with compatible Echo devices to listen to music while you’re in the bathroom.

This Barbecue Cover is a Bargain

via Amazon

Grill covers can be quite expensive, but this one from Amazon Basics is on a fantastic deal this Black Friday. Protect your pride and joy (aka your barbecue) this winter by grabbing one this weekend.

The Smarter the TV, the Better. Especially When it’s 27% Off!

Save $150 on Amazon Fire TV 55″ Omni Series 4K UHD smart TV, hands-free with Alexa.

Here’s what reviewers said, “Received my 75inches Amazon fire omini TV today and my first impression is absolutely fantastic….I have watched so far SDR and HDR 4k contents and performance is absolutely amazing out of box settings.”

This Storage Ottoman is So Cute

via Amazon

One of the brands that Amazon owns is this furniture brand Rivet – and their stuff is so cute! This velvet ottoman is perfect for those wanting some more storage, but without any ugliness!

An Echo Glow That’s Made For Kids

Pair this smart lamp with any compatible Alexa device, and you’ll be able to change its color and brightness using simple voice commands. You can use it as a countdown timer to keep track of homework time — or, you can even ask Alexa to start a light show to get the party going.

Refresh Your Walls with This Vintage Compass Mirror

via Amazon

This vintage-style mirror is gorgeous, I never in a million years would have guessed it was from Amazon! One reviewer writes: “The quality is top-notch! It’s just the right size to add some flair to the room without becoming overpowering.” OK, just take my money!

The Fire TV Cube That Delivers Rich 4K Video

Not only does this Fire TV cube deliver rich 4K ultra HD video, but you can also control it using voice commands. Simply say “Alexa, turn on the TV” to get started — and you can still use Alexa even when the television is off.

Brighten up Those Dark Corners with This Table Lamp

via Amazon

As an avid believer in mood lighting, I don’t think one can ever have enough lamps. Pick up this ceramic table lamp in the Black Friday sales this weekend to make a small home improvement that will make a big difference.

Buy Yourself an Amazon Designed Armchair

via Amazon

This mid-century style chair is super cool – and reviewers love it too! One person says: “After having it for a few months now the couch is still looking beautiful. It is comfy to sit on, and everyone compliments me on it.” With free returns for thirty days, you can shop worry-free too!

A Floodlight With A Built-In Ring Camera

Don’t stumble around in the dark if you need to go outside at night — let this floodlight illuminate the way. Or, if there are any intruders that wander into your backyard, it’ll also light them up so that the built-in Ring camera can catch them on video. And since each order comes with an echo show, you’ll be able to monitor all of it from the comfort of your bedroom.

These Bed Linens are Rated 4.7 Stars

via Amazon

The pattern on this set of bed linens is so adorable, and the dusky lavender shade is perfect for winter. However, I am sure you will agree that the most important quality of bed sheets is the softness, and these fit the bill! Reviewers rave about how the flannel material of these sheets keeps its softness even after years of use!

This Game Controller That Comes With A Phone Holder

To put it bluntly: most touchscreen game controls suck. Luckily, this controller has a detachable holder for your phone so that you can slay people in Fortnite or obliterate your opponents in Candy Crush — without having to pound away on your touchscreen. And once you’re done playing on your phone, you can even use the controller for your PC or Mac.

Never Be Without This Adjustable Wrench Again

via Amazon

After working in hardware shops for 4 years, trust me when I say you never want to be without an adjustable wrench like this one. They are so handy for all kinds of odd jobs about the house, and this one is particularly great thanks to its measurement scale, which features both the imperial and metric scales.

These Dog Treats Have Fantastic Reviews

via Amazon

I never knew that Amazon made dog food, nor that it was so good! Reviews show that dogs love them, but the ingredients make it clear that these treats are good for them too! Made without added grains, artificial colors, or flavors, these treats are healthy for both your dog and your wallet!

Join The World Of Smart TVs With Toshiba Smart Fire TV

via Amazon

Someone you know — probably you — deserves an upgraded TV experience. This 43-inch Toshiba smart Fire TV is just the ticket. Fire TV brings live, over-the-air TV, streaming channels, and your favorite apps together onto one convenient home screen. The 43-inch size is perfect for those spaces where you’d like to put a television, but don’t have room for a big boy. (But, if you have the room, keep reading.)

Get This Amazon Mattress Delivered to Your Door

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The Amazon-owned mattress brand Nod has some of the best-priced products on the market, and with over 2,000 customers giving this mattress a rating of 5-stars, they are evidently great quality too! Plus, with a 10-year warranty alongside a 100-night sleep trial period, there is no reason to not give it a try.

This Echo Dot That Comes With An Outdoor Smart Plug

Ever wish you could control your outdoor lights using voice commands? With this echo dot bundle, you can. Not only does it come with an echo dot, but you also get an outdoor smart plug that won’t short-circuit in poor weather. Simply say “Alexa, turn on patio lights!” then watch as your outdoor space instantly lights up.

You Can Always Do with a New Shower Curtain

via Amazon

Shower curtains are something that is great to switch up your space without spending too much money. This one from Amazon’s basics range fits the bill just right – available in a bunch of cute prints, it comes complete with grommets so you can fit it straight away.

These Puppy Pads Will Save Your Carpets

via Amazon

Potty training a puppy can be hard, so why not make the journey easier for yourself with these puppy pads? With over 100,000 people globally rating them 5-stars, they are a lifesaver when it comes to those little accidents.

Update Your Home Workout Game with This Set of Weights

via Amazon

This set of weights are on a great deal for just $35 this Black Friday. The set features 6 weights, and a foldable steel stand so you can store them properly. With over 40,000 customers rating them 5-stars, there is no reason not to pick them up!

The Classic Amazon Ring Doorbell

Seriously, this gadget is the best. Speaking from experience, using the Ring Doorbell has kept me feeling safe and at ease when I see someone at my doorstep.

Start Afresh with This Complete Flatware Set

via Amazon

This flatware set from Amazon-owned brand Stone & Beam is a complete forty-five-piece collection, with everything from teaspoons to a butter knife. Give your kitchen a refresh by chucking out your old (and, if you’re anything like me, severely mismatched) set and replacing them with this complete kit.

This Ceramic Planter is So on Trend

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Raised planters like this ceramic one by Amazon brand Rivet are super fashionable at the moment. Reviewers compliment how ‘solid’ the stand is, and the high-quality finish of the ceramic pot itself.

I am Convinced These Velvet Coat Hangers are the Future

via Amazon

Coat hangers are objects that, if I were a normal person, I would not be so concerned about. However, after I purchased these velvet hangers from Amazon, I knew I would never be the same. The velvet texture of these means your clothes actually stay on the hangers, which in turn means your wardrobe stays organized!

Like We Said, Amazon Fire TVs are a Game Changer

via Amazon

This Amazon Fire TV is everything and more. All of your favorite streaming services are right at your fingertips!

Don’t take our word for it, one reviewer said, “I’ll be honest, I hate hate hate smart TV’s. That said, this tv is shockingly fast, easy to set up and use! I bought this for my 77-year-old mother, had to replace a bad TV and she loves The Grand Tour. She is using it well, the picture is nice, 1080 streams from Cox look amazing, light as hell, and easy to set up. All in all, I looked at a number of TVs at this price point, after getting it and setting it up, it wins!”