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Amazon Pet Products That Are Going Viral For A Good Reason

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People love to buy things for their pets. Practical things. Ridiculous things. Adorable things. If you’re a pet owner, in all likelihood you understand the struggle of looking at a new pair of shoes and saying “naw I can’t afford it” then dropping way too much on that perfect outfit for your pooch. And honestly? I can’t blame you. They deserve everything. That’s why I created this list of viral pet products that you probably need to pop in your cart right this instant. Never fear, I included some practical things, like toothpaste for your pup or a scratch shield to keep your kitties off the furniture, but the true gems in here are the absolutely extra items like the cat banana hat. Yes you read that right, and yes it is as perfect as it sounds. So do yourself a favor and get a few presents for your pet. They’re worth it.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program and we may have additional affiliate relationships with some of the products featured here – as such, our company may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

Pet Odors Have Nothing on This Angry Orange

Let’s talk pet owner to pet owner. Here where we can be real and honest with each other: sometimes our fur babies smell. I don’t know about you, but walking into the room with the litter box is never fun. Or at least it wasn’t until I discovered Angry Orange, a spray that will take out any nasty smell in the house. It’s always good to have some on hand.

Pups Will Stay Entertained for Hours (and you can take a nap)

Sure it’s fun to play a game of fetch with your dog, but sometimes the pooch has more energy than you do. In those cases, it’s nice to have a toy like this one on hand, because this bone actually moves on its own. If you aren’t up to chasing your dog around the yard, just let him play with this rechargeable toy that will have him running around the yard. You can lounge the afternoon away.

Bathtime Made Easy

Dogs have a remarkable ability to make a huge mess out of bathtime. Even if they like it, water gets everywhere. So I was incredibly excited when I discovered this bath brush: it sprays water directly from the brush so you can direct it exactly where you want and get your pooch clean with less fuss.

Keep Your Pooch’s Teeth in Tip Top Shape

One area of canine health it’s incredibly easy to overlook is dental care. Sure, it’s not fun to brush a dog’s teeth, but gum and tooth disease can seriously hurt your best friend. That’s why I invested in this doggy toothpaste. My dog loves the way it tastes and I feel so much better knowing I’m taking care of his mouth.

Destroy All Evidence of Accidents

Remember just a minute ago when I told you about Angry Orange? Well today’s your lucky day, because they don’t just make sprays for dealing with bad smells. They also have this high powered enzyme stain cleaner, which will take up any stain. I’ve found it especially helpful to have on hand as a cat owner: if they make messes outside the box it’s nearly impossible to get it clean. But this spray does the job.

Deep Clean Your Pet’s Fur With This Rake

Do you have a long-haired cat or dog? Then you definitely know the struggle of matted fur and nasty tangles. I always struggle to find a tool that will remove those mats without hurting my pup. Or at least I did until I found this undercoat rake, which not only breaks up matted fur but also does a stellar job of helping dogs shed their undercoat. Success.

The Ultimate Litter Scooper

I have yet to meet a cat owner who enjoys scooping the litter boxes, but when you’re an experienced cat parent you know that the choice of scoop makes a big difference. This one checks all of my boxes: it fits neatly into all the corners, it’s non-stick, it’s made of durable metal, and it’s designed to help you sift clean litter faster. I’ll take two.

Your Furniture Is Safe from Feline Claws

Convincing your cats that the couch is not their personal scratching post can feel like a losing battle. But I have a secret weapon that will help you turn the tides. These cat scratch shields stick easily onto your furniture and will keep all cat claws away from the delicate upholstery. I love that they’re extra large and that they bend easily around corners.

The Coolest Treat Dispenser You’ve Ever Seen

There are plenty of times when you just want your dog to stand still for a minute, but they just won’t cooperate. That’s why this treat-dispensing mat is so genius. You can suction it to the wall or floor, smear some peanut butter on that baby, and suddenly your dog will stand still with laser focus. It’s great for bathing, grooming, or nail trimming.

Sweet Dreams are Made of Hammocks

Cats love being able to stare out the window and make that terrifying chittering noise at the birds. Give them the perfect perch for all their bird watching purposes with this window hammock. They’ll also find it great for napping.

Control the Litter Mess With This High-Sided Box

There’s something that lives deep in the cat psyche that demands they must spend approximately 20 minutes after every litter box use throwing their litter as far as humanly (cattily?) possible. No more I say. This high-sided litter box keeps all the mess contained and also repels odors and stains. Plus it’s easy to clean. The perfect way to foil your cat’s mess-related plans.

The Cutest Scratcher Around

A lot of scratching posts are a bit of an eyesore, but having places for your cats to stretch their claws is really important. That’s why I love this adorable cactus scratcher: it’s cute enough that I want it in my house and it meets my kitty’s scratching needs.

Begone Itchy Ears!

For dogs with floppy ears, life can be pretty tough. It’s easy to end up with wax build up, or just dirt and gunk that leaves those ears itchy. Pro Pooch ear cleaner is the easiest solution: just pop a couple drops in their ear and you’re done! It will remove the itch and keep their ears clean.

The Leash That Keeps Up With Your Adventure Pup

Some dogs are all about the adventure life: if you’re an outdoorsy type you know that it’s important to find the right gear if you want to bring your pooch with you. That’s why this leash is one of my favorites: it’s heavy duty and great for dealing with rugged terrain. In fact it’s actually made from real climbing rope, so you know it’s going to hold up no matter what you’re doing.

Make Sure Your Pet is Healthy With Glucose Test Strips

If you have a pet with ongoing health issues and you. need to keep track of their blood glucose, you want to make sure that you get accurate information. But health products for pets can get pricey pretty quickly. These PetSure strips are the best of both worlds: a reasonable cost and high quality output.

The Comfiest Harness Fido Has Ever Worn

Our dogs spend a lot of time wearing the collar or harness we pick out for them. So it’s pretty important to find an option that fits well and gives you the control you need when you’re out on a walk with your pet. This harness from Embark checks all the boxes: easily adjustable for comfort, quick to put on and take off, and has multiple attachment options so you can find the best fit for you and your dog.

This Comb Is Perfect for Keeping a Gleaming Coat

You might be thinking to yourself “yo there’s a lot of grooming tools on this list,” and friend you’d be right. That’s because our pets have a huge variety of fur lengths and textures, and each one will need a different type of comb or brush. This set of two combs is great for long-furred animals, especially for the hard to reach undercoat.

Combine Grooming and Petting With This Brilliant Glove

Do you have a pet who resists brushing? The answer is trickery! But trickery of the best kind. This glove doubles as a brush, so you can remove all the excess fur while convincing your furry friend you’re just giving them a good solid pet. Everyone’s happy.

Flexibility Is the Name of the Game With This Retractible Leash

Retractable leashes are such a cool invention. They’re a great fit if you’re taking your dog for a walk in a more urban area and want the ability to keep them close when others are around or give them more space to run when you’re on your own. This option from Hertzko is a solid example, with a smooth retraction and 16 ft of leash.

Give Your Dog a Sweet Ride in This Car Hammock

Yes, dogs tend to love riding in the car (especially when you can put the window down and let them feel their ears blowing in the breeze), but they have this unfortunate tendency to forget how to sit down when they’re in the car. This car hammock keeps them from falling all over the back seat and also protects your car from piles of dog hair.

This Black Light Helps You Find Messes

If you’ve got a cat who is not using their litter box, you know that you may have hidden messes around your home that are leading to awful smells. The solution? This handy blacklight which will help you find old stains so that you can get rid of those smells at the source.

Cats Can Go With You In This Pet Sling

True confession: if I could, I would bring my cat with me pretty much everywhere I go. Which is why I’m incredibly tempted to get this adorable pet sling. It’s like a baby bjorn for my cat! Go on. You know you want it.

A Healthier Bowl for Hungry Pets

Did you know that most dogs eat their food way too quickly and it can cause digestion issues? If you’re worried about your pup snarfing their kibble too fast, a great solution is a puzzle feeder, like this one. It helps to slow down your pet and makes them work a little bit harder for dinner, keeping them interested and making their eating experience healthier.

Honestly The Greatest Hat Ever Created

If you don’t look at this picture of a cat wearing a banana on its head and immediately think “I need this banana hat,” then I don’t know what’s wrong with you. I will be purchasing three, and I will not be taking questions thank you.

Scratch AND Nap? Get Two In One

If there are two things I know cats love, it’s scratching everything in sight and sleeping. You can give them access to both of these things with this scratcher lounger: they can happily snooze on the top of it and rip it to shreds as a scratcher.

This Bed Is the Ultimate in Pampering

I know you’ve already got a bed for your pet. But do you have a heated bed for your pet? I think not. Get the next level in pet pampering with a cute bed that actually warms your pet through the cushions. Honestly it’s fancier than any bed I’ll buy for myself, and my cats are worth it.

Yes Your Pet Can Ring the Doorbell

Dogs are pretty smart, but they can also be a bit needy: they want to hang out outside and you’ve got to keep an eye to make sure you let them in. But what if you didn’t? This pet doorbell is large enough for your dog to press with its nose, and requires minimal training. Let out your furry friend and just wait for the bell so you know when to let them in.

Make Your Life Better With an Automatic Feeder

Buying an automatic feeder for my cats was one of the greatest quality of life upgrades I have ever made. If you’ve got kitties who think you need to be awake at all times of night and day to act as their on demand food dispenser, switching over to an automatic feeder is amazing. It’s also great for felines who need to lose a few pounds.

Keep An Eye on Pet Shenanigans All Day Long

Do you ever wonder what your pets get up to while you’re not home? This pet camera can help you answer that question, and also has built in features to let you talk to your animal and share any concerning behavior with a vet. It’s like reassurance in a little cube.

Let Your Felines Entertain Themselves

Fun fact: most people think that cats are generally lazy, but in fact most cats are overfed and under-stimulated. Help keep your felines healthy and happy by incorporating more play into their days. A great place to start is with this automatic toy that will keep them occupied if you’re busy or not at home.

A Raised Bowl for Healthier Digestion

Most bowls for cat food are flat to the ground and fairly deep. This isn’t a great position for your kitty to eat: it can irritate their whiskers and be tough on the spine. I invested in these raised bowls that are shallow enough to avoid the whiskers, and my cats have never been happier.

Make Difficult Nail Trims a Thing of the Past

Nail trimming: no one’s favorite activity. Pets get squirmy and you get nervous that you might clip too close and hurt your little buddy. This nail grinder solves those problems and makes it way easier to keep claws at a manageable length.

A Water Dish on the Go!

Tons of dog owners love to bring their dogs out on hikes or other adventures, so it’s incredibly important to make sure you can keep your pup hydrated no matter where you are. This portable water dish for dogs is such a genius invention: it works more or less like a water bottle, but has a dish that screws on the top so you can squeeze water into the bowl and let your dog take a drink.

The Easiest Pet Gate You’ll Ever Use

Not all rooms in the house are for all the animals all the time. That’s why pet gates exist. I personally love this one, which is easy to set up and remove, but keeps sneaky pets where they’re supposed to be.

Ticks and Fleas Begone!

No one wants to let their dog end up with fleas or ticks. That’s why I like to keep this spray on hand: if we’ve been out in the woods or somewhere else that’s high risk, I make sure that I give my dog a spray before we head into the house.

Keep it Clean With Paw Wipes

Am I the only one whose dog likes to track mud into the house on a near daily basis? No? Well then you’re going to love these paw wipes. Keep them by the door and you can quickly clean off dirty paws (or any other nasty gunk your pooch likes to bring into the house).

The Fish Your Cat Is Allowed to Catch

Do you have a natural born hunter in your house? They (and you) will love these little swimming fishies. Pop them in a bowl of water, turn them on, and watch your cat go bananas trying to catch them.