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Amazon is an incredible website that has taken the world by storm. Its life-span so far is similar to that of Gen-Z, and, in many ways, it epitomizes that generation. Beginning in 1994, the company began as an online bookstore, but it now delivers anything and everything from an online platform. Crucially, it delivers things incredibly quickly and reliably. People just don't expect to have to wait for more than a couple of days for an Amazon package, and now it's promising to deliver even quicker.

Amazon has been diversifying into TV shows and movies, too! Let's take a look at what it is that Amazon has to offer, and how quickly our goods can now be delivered!

The Grand Tour.

In the face of competition from streaming services like Netflix and HBO, Amazon has also begun to pioneer its own shows. One of the first to receive a lot of attention was the new version of the UK show, Top Gear, called The Grand Tour. It stars Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May who drive around different countries in a variety of cars. Being away from the BBC has taken its toll a little, and it's lost something of its character, but it still remains a popular viewing choice for millions of fans around the world.

A show where everybody knows your name.

Cheers is the perfect example of a classic show that might have been lost to history were it not for video streaming services, such as Amazon. While Cheers may be a little dated now - it aired in the late 80s to early 90s - it remains a great watch! The show won twenty-eight Emmy Awards in its time and who wouldn't want to see Woody Harrelson in his early years?

Politics are well represented with Veep.

Veep follows the life of the Vice President, portrayed by Julia Louis-Dreyfus, in a political satire comedy show. It is based on the English show The Thick of It, and forms a satirical look at contemporary American politics. The show has won several Emmy Awards. Most notably, Julia Louis-Dreyfus has won the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy for all six seasons of the show so far. That definitely sounds worth tuning in for!

For anyone that thinks GoT has a little too much sex, try Vikings instead.

Vikings is pretty much what it sounds like. It's a historical drama that follows the life of Viking, Ragnar Lothbrok, who pillaged England. For many people, it is a simpler, less naked, Game of Thrones. When this season of GoT finishes, this Amazon show might fill a hole!

Hanging with our pals on Sesame Street.

Putting all other shows to shame, Sesame Street has won one-hundred and eighty-nine Emmy Awards. Its mixture of education and fun makes it perfect viewing for young children. But, these days, it's parents that are watching this show, feeling all nostalgic as they do so. It looks like Big Bird, Elmo, and the Cookie Monster are here to stay.

Twin Peaks is back.

Twin Peaks was a cult TV show in the 90s. Following the murder of a homecoming Queen, Kyle MacLachlan stars as an FBI detective who arrives at the quiet town to solve the murder. The show might have been fading into obscurity, but a sequel with most of the original characters has been launched on Netflix. Don’t worry though; you can catch the original on Amazon Video!

Fleabag is a show that reflects real life.

Possibly one of the most talked about TV shows over the last couple of years, Fleabag is English comedy at its best. It depicts a flawed, ordinary English woman and her life in London. It is decidedly feminist and represents life in a far more realistic way than most shows. It isn't on most viewing platforms, so Amazon Prime viewers are lucky to be able to find it!

Marvellous Mrs Maisel challenges the role of women.

Marvellous Mrs Maisel was created by the same lady, Amy Sherman-Palladino, who created Gilmore Girls, so you know it's going to be good. This is another show with a strong female lead, and it looks at how women were treated in America in the 1950s. The protagonist of this show discovers that she has a talent for stand-up comedy, despite what the officials think.

Doctor Who and his Tardis are a fantastic addition.

Doctor Who is one of the smartest TV shows out there. This is not just because the protagonist is a notorious genius who can solve any problem, but because of the inherent set-up of the show. The Doctor is able to 'regenerate'. In this process, he/she can change into a different physical form, which allows an infinite number of new actors to take on the role and to turn it into something a little different. The drama, dialogue and the incredible idea behind this show means that there's a reason why it has remained one of the most popular TV shows in the UK for decades.

Transparent depicts a different type of modern family.

Transparent is a truly innovative and modern show. It is a comedy that follows the lives of a family in LA. But the difference is that it begins with the revelation that the father is transitioning into a woman - a trans-parent. It is a show that manages to deal with difficult and under-represented themes like gender identity, while remaining humorous. Although having its own, high-quality TV shows is similar to Netflix, there is an arguable difference in terms of the calibre of movies that the two streaming services provide. Let's take a look at one of the aspects that makes Amazon so successful; its available movies!

Moonlight is a wonderful portrayal of a young, gay, black man.

This movie is the perfect example of the high-quality movies that Amazon has available for its Prime customers. It was the first movie to win an Oscar that had an all-black cast, or that was LGBTQ related. The cast of this movie beautifully display the angst and torment of repressed sexuality.

Thelma and Louise is the ultimate feminist classic.

Thelma and Louise is the feminist film that we didn't know we needed. It shows women abandoning the lives that are forced upon them, in search of something better. They want to live their lives for themselves, unapologetically, and they are one of the few portrayals of a strong female friendship on-screen, rather than rivalry. Young girls everywhere should watch this movie, and Amazon has made that possible.

Who doesn't love Shawshank Redemption?

People love to watch a miscarriage of justice, even while it burns and incites rage. It is because they tap into our emotions that movies such as Shawshank Redemption are so powerful. This movie is made better by the performances of Morgan Freeman and Tim Robbins; it's certainly a movie that stays with you.

De Niro's portrayal in Raging Bull is super powerful.

Four years after Scorsese directed De Niro in the incredible, psychological-thriller Taxi Driver, the two paired up again for the sporting biopic of boxer Jake LaMotta in Raging Bull. This was one of the first times that Joe Pesci was seen on-screen, and it was the movie that won De Niro his Academy Award for Best Actor.

12 Angry Men is a timeless classic.

In a perfect example of the calibre of movies that Amazon has available, 12 Angry Men is a classic for a reason. Although it would by no means pass the Bechdel test, it is a wonderful look at how different personalities come together and engage with each other. It is also a great look at how arbitrary the law can be at times.

If you can keep up with the dialogue in Fences, you'll be moved to tears.

In 2016, Denzel Washington produced, directed and starred in Fences. It was a film based on a Pulitzer Prize-winning play written by August Wilson. The movie very much has a feel of a play and its rapid and constant dialogue is absolutely incredible; it makes a huge emotional impact.

Lady Bird proves that women are just as good as men at making movies.

Lady Bird is a coming of age movie with a difference - it is directed by a woman. Greta Gerwig was only the fifth woman ever to be nominated for an Academy Award as a director. As the story follows the relationship between a teen and her mother, this movie is funny and relatable. It is also available on Amazon video.

The humor of Some Like It Hot still works today.

Ahead of its time in so many ways, Some Like It Hot is the perfect romantic comedy with plenty of slap-stick humor thrown in. It has men dressing as women, and people accepting each other regardless of gender, and is absolutely one to watch. But Amazon doesn't just do TV shows and movies! It also sells almost anything under the sun. Let's take a look at some of the strangest things it sells.

Have you ever wished that your dog could have an umbrella?

Dogs are great, but there are few things worse than that wet-dog smell. But now, it looks like there may be a solution to the problem. Enter: the Dogbrella. The idea is that it goes at the end of the lead and keeps your dog dry as the two of you stroll around the park on a rainy night. But do you think it would work? Surely the wet ground would still get your pup wet underneath?

No need to feel lonely anymore.

The 'hug me pillow' was designed to help lonely people fall asleep. It's basically an imaginary chest to sleep on. It seems a bit odd, but if it helps lonely hearts, then who are we to knock it? But what's really great is that it's become a tool to help pregnant ladies sleep more comfortably. The pillow helps to support their newly-shaped bodies.

Sleep anywhere with this pillow helmet.

This weird looking pillow is a sort of napping helmet, called an Ostrich Pillow. It has cushioning on all sides so that you can fall asleep whenever and wherever you like. It covers your eyes while leaving space for your nose and mouth. Now that is a seriously good idea to help you get great quality shut-eye. It even has holes that you can put your arms through so that you can nap at a desk or table if you want to! It looks like it would provide some top quality napping and we're all for it.

Do you ever struggle to get comfortable in a sleeping bag?

Of course you do! It's just not natural to sleep in a nylon cocoon, with no escape options available when your feet inevitably overheat. But fear not, campers, you're in luck! The sleeping bag suit allows you to keep your arms warm, without being trapped in a cocoon, and allows you to move your legs more than just two inches in any direction. It even has un-zippable feet, so you need never overheat again!

Do we live in a world where we need these?

Hairy leg stockings have been invented in China to ward off perverts. Presumably, the idea is that the hair will put people off doing anything untoward that they might, otherwise, have done without a thought. Either way, they are really, really weird. Surely, it would be better to do something to prevent perverted behavior, rather than making women less "appealing" to these awful people... But if you ever do find a reason to buy these, you can get them on Amazon!

The solution to all your pizza-cutting needs.

Regular pizza cutters are usually not so great. They are pretty fun to play with (we've all rolled that wheel a little more than we need to just because it's a great time), but they often don't work very well. And knives just slide the cheese straight off the pizza. Not ideal. It looks like these pizza scissors would do a much better job!

The perfect spray for a fresh feeling.

Amazon sells a penis spray. The suggestion is that this cleansing spray is "specially made for sexy games that demand a clean start and end." But it is also suitable for "when you exercise," or "just when your genitals can use a refreshing boost". The label claims that it is a great addition to your daily wash routine, in order to improve your "intimate hygiene." It can't be a bad thing to make sure that everything is as clean and hygienic as possible, especially if you are hoping for anyone else to go anywhere near that area!

So how does Amazon do so well?

Since it began in 1994, Amazon has completely flooded the market and become the fastest, cheapest and most reliable place to buy most things. As it has continued to expand, it has become increasingly tempting to only purchase through Amazon. It has everything you need in one place, and you know that it will be delivered quickly!

We feel like we should mention this...

The founder and CEO of Amazon is Jeff Bezos. He is the richest man in the world. He has a net worth of over $150 billion. Yet the conditions in the Amazon warehouses are renowned for being poor. Furthermore, despite being the largest internet company in the world by revenue and making thousands of millions of dollars in profits, it often doesn't pay taxes. There's something definitely not right about the richest man and richest company somehow being too "poor" to give back to the people...

Amazon has been expanding.

For the last few years, Amazon has been working on expanding its fulfilment network - the heart of the Amazon machine. It means there will be more warehouses, where the orders are processed, packaged and shipped etc. The more of these there are, the closer they will be to the consumers. This allows them to deliver faster and faster.

Geography is an important factor.

In some countries, Amazon already has free one-day shipping for Prime members, particularly through Europe. But these countries are much smaller than the United States. In the US, two days shipping is still impressive. Or at least it was...

Amazon Prime will be offering one-day delivery for free!

Amazon has now expanded sufficiently to offer free one-day delivery to its Prime customers. This means that you will customarily be able to order something and have it arrive the very next day. No more excuses for late birthday or anniversary presents!