37 Amazon Products That Make Everyday Chores Easier

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Unless you have the money to hire a fleet of maids to clean your home, chores are an unavoidable part of life. They need to be done, and if you keep putting them off, you might just end up on one of those TLC shows about people living in squalor. But that doesn’t mean chores need to be difficult. This list of 37 Amazon products contains items that will make your daily chores easier to accomplish with less effort and less headache. From drawer organizers for putting away laundry to dish drying racks that can handle pots and pans or a cute little Ilama duster. These 37 items will optimize your chore routine and leave you with more time to enjoy life!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and Brainjolt may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

This Llama Duster Might Make You Look Forward to Chore Time

Dusting is a chore that arguably nobody wants to do. Would this adorable llama duster change your mind? Eliminate the dust from your living space while hanging out with a cute llama who does the dirty work for you. This duster makes dusting easier and more fun.

This Ingrown Toenail Clipper Saves You a Trip to the Doctor

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Ingrown toenails are the worst, and can crop up at any time. Save yourself a trip to urgent care or your doctor with these heavy-duty ingrown toenail clippers that get the job done easily and safely. These work especially well for trimming thick toenails, too.

Hair Clips That Look Like They’re Straight Out of the 80s

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There are unlimited uses for this 10-pack of neon hair clips. Use them to section your hair or even to keep your hair out of your face when applying makeup or when washing your face. These are designed to avoid leaving creases or marks in your hair so all you see is your stunning style.

Transform Those Messy Closets With This Drawer Organizer

Putting away laundry and organizing the closet is a chore I always put off until the last minute. But with this stylish and functional drawer organizer, I actually look forward to putting away my socks. These discreet organizers will neatly organize your socks, underwear, neckties, or whatever else you want to store inside.

This Meal Planning Pad Comes in Handy for Planning


Meal prepping for the week is a chore that can be hard to wrap your head around. Eliminate the guesswork and chart a path to successful meal planning with this meal planning pad. This magnetic pad features a section to write recipes as well as a perforated section to jot down your grocery list. Organize your meal planning right on the fridge!

These Mixing Bowls With Lids are So Convenient

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These mixing bowls with lids have all your kitchen and baking needs covered, hands down.
“The best stainless steel bowls ever! Just flawless! The air-tight covers don’t even let liquids come out of it! After receiving my first bowl set, I bought three more sets to give as gifts! The colors are just beautiful! I highly recommend.” – April

Keep Your Dishwasher in Tip-Top Shape with this Dishwasher Cleaner

Dishwashing is a chore — but washing your dishwasher? That’s another style. Keep your glasses and plates looking nice and shiny, and your dishwasher staying fresh with this dishwasher cleaner. It’s designed to power away lime and mineral build-up and clean your dishes at the same time!

The Product That Saved My Hair

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Is your hair super prone to kinks and breakage? Enter these silk scrunchies. Seriously amazing. They hold up any amount of hair without putting strain on your luscious locks. Turn the difficult chore of wrangling your hair in place into a simple task that can be completed in seconds.

This No-Smoking Grill Gets High Marks

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Does lighting the barbecue seem like too big of a chore? Well, with this smokeless indoor grill, you can barbecue from the comfort of your own kitchen. This grill has a large 14-inch cooking surface and an adjustable temperature setting up to 450 degrees. The best part is that you can still get those glorious grill marks. Did I mention this grill is dishwasher safe?

Get a Natural Glow With This Glow Enhancer Lotion

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Sometimes you just want a little bit of coverage without the chore of caking on foundation. That’s why this glow enhancer lotion is a big win. It can be worn alone as a tinted moisturizer, under foundation to give you a little extra glow, or highlight your face and body. You’ll look dewy and ready for summer with little effort.

These Exfoliating Pads are Better Than a Facial


These Nip + Fab glycolic fix night pads extreme do an amazing job of exfoliating your skin to get rid of hyperpigmentation, dullness, and acne scarring, at a much cheaper rate than the spa charges for a facial. Your skincare routine doesn’t need to take all morning and all night. These extremely well-reviewed pads (over 7,700 ratings for an outstanding 4.5 stars) are such a smart buy since they really do what the advertising copy says! Check out the many inspirational stories of people totally turning their skin around after using these pads.

This Magnetic Ironing Blanket is Much Less Bulky and Easy to Store

Ironing is such a pain in the neck. Most of that irritation comes from having to lug out the big ironing board, set it up in the hallway, and then wrangle it back in the closet. Instead, consider this ironing blanket. Use the magnets to secure it to the top of your washer or dryer. You’ll never have to deal with the bulky metal ironing board again!

This Reusable Utensil Set is Just Plain Stylish

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Still packing lunch with those cheap plastic forks? Throw those out once and for all in favor of this stylish set. Each piece is made from stainless steel that won’t rust over time — and you also get a travel case to keep everything clean when packed. Plus, you even have the choice of nine colors!

The Cutting Board of Your Dreams

All cutting boards were not created equal, like this one made of bamboo that has juice grooves and four storage containers that you can literally rake your choppings into thanks to what the manufacturer dubbed as “the drop zone.” The extra-large surface is ideal and it can be turned this way or that depending upon whether you’re right- or left-handed.

This Water Flosser Makes Dental Care Easy


Here’s a great alternative to conventional floss: this water flosser can clean your teeth just as effectively, and it can reach places in your mouth that traditional brushes and floss can’t! It has normal, soft, and pulse modes, so you can choose how intense your mouth-cleaning is each time you use the flosser.

A Supersonic Knock-Off Without the High Price Tag


You don’t have to drop $400 for a Dyson supersonic dryer when you can have this one for less than $40. This ionic hair dryer has all of the same attachments (smooth nozzle and diffuser nozzle) and features — two speeds, three heat settings, and multiple cool settings. Reviewers cite the speedy drying time and resemblance to a more expensive dryer as reasons to purchase.

Get (Everything) Lit Electronically

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This electric candle lighter is the bee’s knees. It features a windproof design with an electric arc ignition in a completely USB-rechargeable format. Stop searching for your lost lighter or the box of BBQ matches you haven’t used for years. Light all your favorite candles with the push of a button.

The Most Incredible Shower Hack


We all know the struggle: it’s not your hair washing day but you are in desperate need of a shower. Or, maybe you just don’t have the time for your hair routine. Whatever your reason is, this shower cap has got your back. This product is truly a lifesaver and will keep your hair looking incredible and fresh even after the shower: just wrap your hair up, hop in the shower, and you’ll emerge clean and refreshed but with perfectly dry hair.

These Travel Towels for Portable Cotton Washcloths


If you’re outdoors or traveling, these portable cotton washcloths should be your go-to essential product. They’re made of non-woven cotton linen and all you have to do is put them in cold or warm water for a few seconds and they expand to become a towel. They’re perfect to remove makeup, wipe your fingers or face to keep your skin clean.

These Genius Drink Covers Keep the Bugs Out


Enjoying a glass of wine or other drink al fresco can be a wonderful experience, but only if the bugs leave you alone. No one wants that nasty surprise of finding one floating in their beverage! These silicone and mesh drink covers pop right over the top of your cup to prevent any critters from taking a dip.

Hand Soap Just Got a Major Makeover


Have you ever found yourself hiking, or on a road trip, and you have nowhere to wash your hands? I have, and it’s definitely not ideal. These little soap sheets are an amazing alternative. They come in a case the size of a pack of gum, so you can literally take these anywhere. This product makes washing your hands a cinch!

Gravity Pet Feeders and Water Dispensers Keep Your Pets Fed and Watered


Do you ever worry about your pet becoming hungry or thirsty while you are out for the day? Well, with these pet food feeders and water dispensers, you don’t need to. Using gravity to ensure a consistent supply of food and water, this large pet waterer with a 2.5-gallon capacity and a large pet feeder with a 12-pound capacity will keep your animals topped up all day long.

These Slimline Gimmick Ice Packs Keep Your Food Cold

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I’ve never quite understood why ice packs needed to be so bulky. I know you want them to be thick enough to keep items cold for long periods of time, but with all of the technology out there, there surely had to be thinner options. So it was a pleasant surprise to come across these ice packs while making this list. They freeze quickly and help food and drinks stay cold for up to 4 hours. 

This Bottle Brush Set Keeps Your Water Bottles Pristine

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Have you noticed that your sponge doesn’t always fit inside your water bottle? There’s a brush for that. Keep all your reusable water bottles sparkling clean with this versatile set of water bottle brushes that can scour and remove even the most tucked-away spots.

These Stasher Bags Are Great for Food or General Storage

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These unique Stasher bags are truly reusable. Ditch the standard ziplock bag and start storing food in these! These bags are easy to clean in the dishwasher and can be reheated in the microwave. Durable and long-lasting, the Stasher bag can also optimize storage space in your fridge.

This Shampoo Stimulates Hair Growth

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Notice your hair has been feeling a little thinner than usual? This shampoo contains niacin and peppermint oil, which can help stimulate hair growth. But don’t take it from me — thousands of reviewers left glowing reviews. One even raved that “I have only been using Hair Surge for two weeks and already can see and feel stubble starting to fill in thinning areas. I am no longer removing massive amounts of hair from the shower drain on a daily basis!”

This Facial Steamer Eliminates Blackheads


If you’ve been to a spa for blackhead extraction, you know how painful and pricey it can be. Well, now you can do it yourself in the comfort of your home with this little facial steamer! It even comes with a bonus zit and blackhead extraction set so you can get the results you want easily.

Beard Mess, Be Gone

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If anyone in your house has a beard, you’ve probably wanted to kick them out post-trim. That beard hair goes everywhere. This beard bib eliminates clippings by trapping them in the cloth that wraps around the neck and has suction cups that attach to the bathroom mirror. Simply ball up the bib when you’re finished and toss the clippings effortlessly into the trash. Voila! No mess.

I Don’t Know How I Ever Lived Without This Microwave Shelf


My life was empty before this microwave shelf came into it. Not only is it made from tough carbon steel, but the height, and length, are also adjustable so that it’ll work with practically any microwave.

No Need for Gas Station Pumps with this At-Home Air Compressor Tire Inflator


Fast, easy, reliable, and saves you the trip to the gas station. This tire inflator inflates a midsize car tire in 3-5 minutes. Be happy you can stop going to the gas station air pumps (which never work) and instead can plug in your very own tire inflator, and pump up your tires from the comfort of your own garage. Use the LED screen to set a PSI start pumping.

Get Perfect Pedicures at Home With This Electric Foot Scrubber


Safely remove dead skin from your feet with the push of a button! The perfect home pedicure device that will have you feeling confident about your feet in no time. Features three speeds and multiple functions to detail hard, cracked, and dry skin. Check off this chore from your to-do list and save a trip to the spa.

The Teeth Whitening Product that Actually Works


Yes, they actually work! As an avid coffee drinker, I use these all the time. In minutes, my teeth look whiter and cleaner without the sensitivity. Whitening your teeth can sure feel like a chore, but it doesn’t have to be one. I will keep buying this simple teeth whitening solution again and again – I can’t recommend these enough.

These Outdoor Sports Headbands for Fashion and Function

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Keeping your hair pulled back can certainly feel like a chore, so grab yourself this outdoor sports headband that is both fashionable and functional. The price tag alone makes them a no-brainer on Amazon. And they come in a six pack of different colors to match any outfit.

Get All Your Vitamin D You Need

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Let’s face it: getting all your Vitamin D every day can feel like a chore. Especially if you’re stuck inside working all day. This liquid vitamin D supplement steps in when nature can’t — no chunky pills required.

This Waffle Maker Can Do So Much More

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You’re not stuck just making waffles when you’ve got this waffle maker — oh no. It’s so versatile that you can also bake paninis, hash browns, or even delicious little biscuit pizzas. And if that isn’t enough? It’s small enough to fit in even the most cramped of kitchen cabinets. Now you can have amazing meals with basically no work at all.

This Dish Drying Rack Can Handle Pots and Pans

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Thought you could avoid doing dishes? Well, you can’t…but this dish drying rack can handle pots, pans, and everything in the kitchen sink. Maximize your counter space with a dish rack that will make your dishwasher woes disappear. It even tilts at an angle so the water drains directly into the sink!

Measure Up With These Cute Measuring Cups

This stacking measuring cup set in a cute design can turn even the most stressful recipes into culinary bliss. Easily stack and store your measuring cups while giving your countertop a light, spring-time vibe. Includes all standard-size measuring cups!