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There are so many handy gadgets on Amazon designed to make your life a lot easier, and their latest invention has to be our favorite yet.

But first, let's check out some of the most incredibly useful inventions that are bound to change your life for the better...

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These Shopping Cart Bags Are Genius

By now, we're all in the habit of bringing reusable bags to the store, but these trolley bags basically give you a PhD in grocery shopping. These heavy-duty bags hook onto the sides of the cart like a file folder and are packed with thoughtful details - one bag has pockets to hold your eggs, another is insulated to keep foods cool until you get home and the rest have mesh bottoms so spills don't accumulate.

This Beard Shaping Tool Gives You The Cleanest Lines

If you've worked hard enough to cultivate a a beautiful face full of hair, keep your beardscaping fresh with this Beard Bro tool. It promises top and neck lines so sharp and symmetrical you'll look like a bonafide facial hair model. You can use it for mustaches and goatees too, so all your hirsute needs are covered!

This Jar Opener Works Like A Dream

Handheld jar openers can be hard to maneuver if you don't have giant mitts, and they take up precious storage space in kitchen drawers. This jar opener mounts to the underside of your cabinet, handily hiding it away so only you know it's there. And it's so easy to use, it's great for people with arthritis or limited hand strength.

This Water Bottle Discreetly Tracks Your H2O Intake

It's hard to remember to drink the recommended amount of water a day, but this stylish stainless steel water bottle has a built in tracker system to keep you hydrated. Simply roll the silicone bands up the 22 oz bottle or pop them off and wear as bracelets to track how many bottles you've had that day. You might be spending more time on bathroom breaks but your skin's never looked better!

This Medicine Cabinet Organizer Is A Space-Saving Genius

If your crowded, jumbled medicine cabinet looks anything like mine, you need help, stat. This multi-level medicine cabinet organizer is like a mini Marie Kondo for your bathroom stuff - it has one large and one divided compartment on either side of a bridge that's perfect for holding a razor, contact lens paraphernalia, tweezers or whatever else needs corralling. Storage engineering at its finest!

This Beanbag Chair Has A Storage Secret

At first glance this looks like a regular, albeit stylish, beanbag chair for kids, yes? Think again - it's actually secret storage for all their stuffed animals! Now that small army of fuzzy, adorable stuffies that's taking over your house like a very cute plague has a place to live while also providing a comfy spot for kids to chill. Plus it comes in a ton of colors and patterns so it'll go with your decor - everyone wins!

This Mini Dustpan and Broom Are Insta-Worthy

Have you ever seen a more attractive cleaning tool? I can say with conviction that I have not. This mini dustpan and broom set is big enough to tackle most clean-up jobs but small enough that it takes up no storage space. Not that you'd want to hide it away - it's so darn photogenic it should have its own Instagram account.

This Wine Decanter Is A Piece Of Useful Art

This swoopy, modern glass wine decanter does more than just look awesome on display. The artisan-made beauty aerates a whole bottle of wine to enhance flavor so you look like a swanky sommelier, no one has to know it's filled with 2 Buck Chuck! You can also use it for anything from orange juice to holiday punch to jazz up festive meals.

This Microfiber Hair Towel Really Sucks

Sucks up water that is! This thirsty microfiber hair towel makes quick work of drying even thick, curly hair so you can get on with your day a whole lot faster. The high-tech fabric wicks water much faster than traditional cotton towels, so feel free to hit snooze a few more times.

These Coffee Shots Are Real Eye-Openers

Need a little help waking up? This coffee shot starter pack's gotchu, fam. This 6 pack of ready-to-drink shots have 100 mg of caffeine each, or the equivalent of two cups of coffee. They'll jumpstart the heck out of your mornings and totally crush that three PM slump.

This Rapid Ramen Cooker Gets Dinner On The Table Fast

Sure, Ramen noodles aren't known for taking ages to make but when you're hungry, waiting for water to boil feels like an eternity. Speed up the process with this Rapid Ramen Cooker you can zap in the microwave and get dinner on the table in three minutes! Gives new meaning to the term "fast food".

This Car Duster Is Easily Stowable

Whenever I'm stopped in traffic or at a light, I have time to reflect on just how disgustingly dusty my dashboard and cupholder area have gotten. I usually scrounge up a fast food napkin and ineffectively attack the mess, which just serves to smear it around so it looks worse. This handy car duster would do a much better job - it's easily stowable next to your seat or in the glove compartment, just whip it out whenever debris starts to pile up!

This K-Beauty Primer Makes You Just Glow

The user photos in reviews of this collagen-enriched K-beauty face primer are in a word, glowing. And you will be too, when you experience the smoothing, pore perfecting magic that is this pretty blush-tinted primer. This stuff has over 900 rave reviews and only costs as much as a few coffee runs - a small price to pay for gorgeous skin!

This Cheddar Cheese Powder Is A Damn Game Changer

What if I told you that you could buy a 1 lb bag of the delicious cheese powder from boxed mac n' cheese to use on anything you desire? The future is now, friends. I'd make good use of this keto-friendly powdered cheddar cheese by sprinkling it liberally on baked potatoes, over veggies and popcorn or mixing it with butter and cream to make the most decadent grown-up cheesy mac. The reviews speak for themselves - don't deprive yourself of this marvel of modern food technology any longer.

This Work/Play Timer Keeps You On Track

Time management is a skill that's hard for even adults to master, let alone kids whose brains are still developing and may have ADHD. Whether you need a little help in the focus department or your kid does, this work/play timer is genius. The goal is to focus for 30 minutes on a task, be it homework, work-work or a chore, while knowing there's a five minute break coming up soon.

This Mobile Phone Jail Is A Superb Consequence-Teacher

Score one for the grown-ups - this phone jail keeps your kid's phone locked up until you set it free, which is an awesome way to teach consequences for bad behavior when rescinding the WiFi password doesn't seem like enough. I like the idea of holding the key captive until chores or homework's done, but then again I'm a mean mommy so of course I do.

This Car Tissue Holder Keeps Kleenex Handy

It seems like I can never find a tissue fast enough when we really need one in the car, especially during cold & flu season. One kid's covered in gloopy nose rockets while the other screams in disgust and I frantically dig in the seats for a clean napkin. With this car visor tissue holder, Kleenex or wipes are right at your fingertips, which makes for much saner car rides.

This Backseat Organizer and Seat Protector Keeps Your Car Tidy

I think I speak for many parents when I say my backseat looks like a warzone, filled with loose toys, smashed Goldfish and God knows what else. These backseat organizers and car seat covers really help control the havoc that kids wreak on your car. Keep toys, books, extra sweatshirts, snacks and tech safely coralled in the organizer's many pockets, and keep the actual seat clean with the seat cover. So much easier to wash than the whole backseat, and you'll actually be able to see the floor!

This Multipurpose Cutting Board Is So Well Designed

This double-sided multipurpose cutting board has such handy details, like an angled cutting surface that corrals crumbs or meat juice, a spiked meat grip on one side to hold pork roasts or steak in place during slicing and non-slip feet for safety. And it's easy to clean since it's all one piece!

These Scrubbing Gloves Clean Anything Lightning Fast

What can't these handy scrubbing gloves clean? You can use these silicone gloves for everything from washing the car to scrubbing veggies, and they even double as oven mitts! The soft silicone nubs are gentle on any surface but do a thorough job of getting things sparkling. Heck, I'd even try them on especially dirty kids and pets.

This Packing Organizer Streamlines Your Suitcase

This packing organizer makes preparing for trips a cinch - you can pack an outfit per day on each shelf, or separate types of clothing and there's even a zippered section for shoes or accessories. Pack it up then fold it into your suitcase; when you get to your destination, simply hang the whole organizer up in the closet and instantly see your clothing choices.

This Pizza Mat Will Up Your Homemade Pie Game

I'm a really bad judge of dough thickness when baking at home, so this silicone pizza mat is genius since it has premeasured circles to help get your dough just the right size. And there's a yummy dough recipe printed right on the mat! Making homemade pizza's never been easier.

These Garden Gloves Are Clawsome

Will you look like Wolverine with a green thumb? Yes. Will it be amazing? Undoubtedly. These sharp-looking gardening gloves let you dig in the dirt with ease, whether you're planting seedlings or ripping out weeds. And your hands will stay clean and dry, since the gloves are waterproof and puncture resistant!

This Wireless Finger Mouse Works On Any Surface

If you have any type of wrist pain, from carpal tunnel or overuse, you need this wireless finger mouse in your life. It works seamlessly on any surface, letting you hold your hand ergonomically in a comfortable position. And you can still type while wearing it!

This Demagnetizer Tool Lets You Safely DIY

If you're the type that likes to DIY potentially dangerous electronics projects, do everyone a favor and get this demagnetizer tool. No batteries necessary, just pass your tool through the demagnetizer or magnetizer area and safely get on with the job. The cool part is you can convert any tool blade into a magnetic retrieval tool so you can easily pick up dropped hardware!

This Watermelon Slicer Gets The Party Started Faster

No summer day or BBQ is complete without sweet, juicy watermelon, but it takes a long time to break down the huge fruit into individual servings. This watermelon slicer tool does the job lightning fast, simply halve the melon then push down to get perfectly-sized portions.

This Magnetic Pickup Tool Is A Bright Idea

Imagine having an extra long Go-Go-Gadget magnetic finger you could use to reach keys, hardware or any metal object that would otherwise be lost. That's the idea behind this magnetic pickup tool that's great for tight spaces or those with limited mobility or back problems. The telescoping arm and ultra-bright LED flashlight on the tip also makes it a breeze to DIY plumbing, electrical or other home repair jobs.

These Portable Wine Wipes Keep Your Smile Sparkling

Red wine = delicious. The grayish teeth it causes? Not so much. Just pop this Wine Wipes compact into your bag and discreetly swipe the stains off your teeth after polishing off your glass of vino.

This Chocolate Writer Pen Is Tastefully Genius

Want to write a personalized message on a homemade (or store-bought, no one's judging) baked goods or jazz up pancakes for the kids? This chocolate icing pen lets you create clean lines and is just the right size for drizzling chocolate on eclairs or fruit. Plus, it looks like a giant pencil which is just plain charming.

This Dishwasher Magnet Is Cheeky Fun

These fun dishwasher magnets let you know whose turn it is to empty the clean dishes since it has "His Turn" on one side and "Her Turn" on the other. (The Vegas-style spin on the Clean/Dirty magnet version is also great, graphically-speaking!)

This Outdoor Blanket Folds Down To Pocket-Size

It's always nice to have a place to rest on a long hike or walk on the beach, but outdoor blankets can be bulky and hard to tote around. Not this one, though - the ultralight blanket folds down teeny tiny into a little package that fits in your pocket or clips onto your backpack! And it's super durable since it's made of puncture-resistant and waterproof ripstop nylon, so it'll play just as hard as you do.

This Leather Bike Cupholder Is So Swanky

Pimp your ride with this rustically awesome leather bike cupholder to hold your morning joe while you're commuting, or your water bottle on a long ride. The handmade buttery leather attaches to any bike and acts as an insulating layer to keep your drink hot or cold.

This Bottle Stopper Is Too Cute For Words

This beanie-shaped bottle stopper set keeps your wine cozy and safe until you're ready to pour again. They fit snugly into the top and won't let the bottle spill, even when tipped on its side! Super adorbs paired with a bottle of wine as a gift.

This Charging Stand Is Gorgeous

This sleek, modern 2-in-1 charging stand keeps your phone and smartwatch juiced up while looking anything but basic. In warm gold, stainless steel or rose gold, this pretty stand holds all kinds of devices, including tablets and readers. It also has a silicone non-slip pad on the bottom to prevent klutzy accidents (like how I knock my phone off the nightstand and under the bed every night).

This Cable Manager Keeps Things Neat

I love these cable organizers for keeping the jungle of tech cords in order - I've got one on my desktop and another secured to the side of my nightstand so I never have to dig for loose cord ends. Each cable manager can hold four cables and it's weighted for stability so it won't slide all over your desk.

There's Nothing Fishy About This Egg Separator

Separating the yolks from the egg whites is often a frustrating and gross job, especially if you don't like getting potential Salmonella bacteria all over your hands. Use this fish egg separator instead and avoid spreading bacteria - simply crack an egg then use suction to suck up the yolk. Perfect for whipping up meringues or other baked yummies!

This Wine Bottle Stopper Saves The Date

No one likes iffy wine - keep on track of freshness with this wine stopper that lets you record the date! This award-winning stainless steel gadget has a rubber gasket that keeps the good stuff in and keeps air out so your wine stays drinkable, longer.

And now, Amazon is selling an actual peanut butter maker.


It's the perfect invention for anyone wanting to make a healthy version of the much loved spread.

The official description of the Nostalgia Electrics Peanut Butter Maker reads:


"​You can make delicious, natural peanut butter at home anytime. The Peanut Butter Maker makes it fast and easy to whip up a variety of nut butters. Simply pour your favorite shelled and chopped nuts into the nut bin, turn the unit on, add oil, and out comes fresh nut butter!"

"Homemade peanut and other nut butters are healthier and taste better than store-bought. You can enjoy your freshly made nut butters plain, or add sweeteners and spices like honey, chocolate, sugar, cinnamon, salt, and more."

The amazing machine is currently retailing for just $60...


There's no price on authentic peanut butter, right? You can get your hands on one here.

We can't wait to see what else they come up with!