Amazon has just unveiled its rebranded logo for the Amazon shopping app but it hasn't gone down that well with customers, with many urging the e-commerce giant to "rethink" the new logo.

Yikes. Read on to see what's caused all the fuss...

Amazon is everyone's go-to for cheap buys and fast delivery...


And usually, the e-commerce giant can't do much wrong! Well, apart from the CEO, Jeff Bezos, not paying his staff properly... but that's a whole other story!

Amazon is always coming up with new ways to sell stuff...


And its constantly rebranding to keep things fresh and up-to-date.

Well, that's exactly what happened to the Amazon smartphone app recently...

But customers have been calling for the rebrand to "rethink" its new logo as they've spotted something rather problematic about it.

Read on to check it out...

Now, we all know that Amazon's founder, Jeff Bezos, is one of the wealthiest men in the world.

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According to Forbes, Bezos is worth a staggering $187.2 billion and stands as the second wealthiest human being on the planet... the title all of us dream of one day acquiring, let's be honest!

But where exactly does Bezos' wealth come from?

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Nobody is born with that kind of money, so where did it all start?

Bezos always held a huge passion for computers and went on to study computer science and electrical engineering at Princeton University.

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After graduating, Bezos spent some time working on Wall Street but, 4 years later in 1995, he quit to open his own online bookstore from his garage -

The birth of changed everything for Bezos.

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The initial success of the online store was staggering. Within the first thirty days, had sold books all across the United States, and across forty-five foreign countries.

And the online retailer only went from strength to strength.

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In the mere years following its launch, Amazon began stocking a wider variety of products such as electronics, clothing, and toys, making it the number one online retailer.

It now even has additional features such as Amazon Prime, Prime TV, Amazon Music, and Amazon Alexa.

It's yearly earnings kept multiplying...

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And, as of August 2020, the company alone has been reported to be worth $1000B.

Now, that's a lot of money...

And although Amazon stands as one of the most successful and sought after companies in the world, there have been a few controversies in the past.

The company's poor treatment of its staff has been discussed and protested against for quite some time now.


So many staff members in the past have come forward and revealed the way in which they are treated "like robots" and how some even earn as little as $2 an hour when working unsociable and hard hours - which became even worse during the pandemic.

Not cool, Jeff.

Although Bezos never responded to these accusations...

The potential boycotting of Amazon became apparent online and things weren't exactly looking great for the company.

Nevertheless, the e-commerce giant continues to bank in billions every year...


And it looks like Amazon won't be losing its loyal customers any time soon.

And with more success comes more rebrands.


The Amazon shopping app has just been given a rebrand to freshen things up a little, but it seems that the new logo hasn't gone down well with customers for a very specific reason.

Read on to check it out...

So, here is the new logo...

And people are thinking it looks an awful lot like Adolf Hitler's moustache.


And some customers have even called for Amazon to "rethink" the new logo due to the offense it may potentially cause.

What do you think?


Do you think the logo is harmless? Or do you think it's highly inappropriate and should be changed?