Amazon Travel Products That Are a Total Bargain

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When traveling, I need to make sure I have everything I need in order to enjoy my trip. This can be challenging since we can’t travel with our entire house on an airplane or car. Luckily for me and all of you, there are endless amounts of gadgets and products on Amazon that are perfect for traveling, helping to solve many of the inconveniences of being away from home without your favorite things.

All of the products we have listed here are useful and inexpensive so your choices will definitely be a great investment for your next trip. Because buying items you forgot from the hotel lobby can cause a huge dent in your travel budget, we don’t want that for anyone. Ensure your next trip goes as smooth as possible by scrolling through this list of bargain travel products from Amazon. Let’s make your travel memories about the best time you had instead of agonizing over things you need.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and Brainjolt may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

The Makeup Bag That Costs Less Than $5

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They may not be the largest, but these bags are still perfect for keeping all your brushes and compacts together while you’re traveling. The print is genuinely cute — and if you don’t like ducks? You’ve also got floral, as well as solid-colored options. Grab a few so that you can organize all your makeup on your trip.

This Dashboard Magnetic Mount for Handsfree Driving

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Using your phone while driving is an easy way to get into an accident — so stick it to this mount instead. Each order comes with two magnet patches so that you can you can use it with two different phones, and it’s universally compatible with nearly any model. Plus, you can even rotate it a full 360 degrees to adjust the viewing angle.

Wallet and Phone Case Perfection

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If you’re one of those people who struggles to remember it all when you’re leaving the house (keys? wallet? phone? debit card?), then you need this wallet case that will eliminate at least two of those issues. You’ll always have your debit card nearby in this case designed for the Samsung Galaxy S21, thanks to the interior pockets. The multi-angle stand is also a huge plus.

These Mini Perfume Spritzers are Great for Travel

via Amazon

If you like to take your fragrance on the go, try these mini perfume spritzer bottles that are great for travel. You’ll get a set of four bottles, each a different color that you can assign to different scents. And they’re tiny enough to pop in your purse even if you’re not traveling, so you can refresh your fragrance throughout the day.

These Shockproof Phone Case Covers Are Anti-Scratch

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I’m constantly dropping my smartphone by accident, but I have peace of mind knowing my phone is protected by an anti-scratch shockproof phone case. It means that I don’t have to worry about cracking my screen, and I have full protection for those common mishaps that happen to all of us.

This Waterproof Selfie Stick for Photos at The Beach

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This is my favorite summer gadget because it allows me to take selfies at the beach or by the pool. This waterproof selfie stick is a must-have for anyone who loves photographs and social media. And that’s all of us, right?
It also has an adjustable toggle and comfortable strap, so it’s super easy to use.

This Beautiful Cell Phone Stand is Adjustable and Costs Just $11

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It’s hard to believe this adjustable cell phone holder is so affordable, but it is! Choose from sophisticated silver or black, or super-cool green or rose gold. You can adjust the height from 6.3 inches to 9 inches. And the viewing angle is adjustable, too: The horizontal angle is 360 degrees, and the vertical cradle angle is 180 degrees. You can even use the stand to hold an iPad or Kindle!

These Water Socks are Proof Water Shoes Can Be Cute

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While water shoes may not be an everyday need, if you’re headed to the beach, then you’re going to want a pair. These water socks are quick-drying, non-slip, and can easily be folded so you can store them in your beach bag. Wear them to protect your feet from coral and rocks or keep your feet clean on a muddy hike.​

This Wireless Charging Stand Has Three Modes for Different Phones

via Amazon

Most of us are living with multiple devices, which means the right charging stands are imperative. This wireless charger is compatible with a wide variety of smartphones all while providing temperature control to protect your device from short-circuiting. I’ve recommended this charger to all my friends and none of them have been disappointed. No wonder it’s been ranked as Amazon’s Choice product.

This Dash Mount Phone Holder Keeps it in Place

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I have one of those vent mount phone holders I use when needing directions, but it always ends up falling out. This dash mount phone holder is a much better option because the phone stays put and keeps the map easy to read so you don’t accidentally cause a crash while you’re trying to retrieve your fallen phone! It’s held in place by five grippy tabs, so your phone isn’t going anywhere even if you take corners above the speed limit or drive down a bumpy road.

I Have This Cool Silicone iPhone Case in a Couple Different Colors

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I’m a big fan of silicone phone cases because they protect the phone well and feel great in my hand. This one is only $13.99 and comes in 14 different colors. I have it in pale purple and bright red. I think I’ll get the plum one next!

These Blue Light Glasses Have Improved My Sleep

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I was having trouble sleeping, and a quick internet search recommended I avoid screens in the evening before bed. That lasted all of zero nights. So instead, I bought a pair of Blue Light Glasses to wear after dinner while watching TV or playing on my phone. Sure they worked wonderfully, but more importantly now I look cute as hell in my glasses. You know you want that adorable nerd look too.

These Sink Suds for Hotel Sink Laundry

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Handy for travel, dorm rooms, or quick laundry jobs anytime, these Sink Suds packets make hand-washing clothes a heck of a lot easier. Each packet provides just enough detergent for 2-3 garments and works with any temperature of water. If you’re planning a long trip and won’t have access to a washer and dryer, these are great in a pinch.

This Luggage Scale Prevents Surprise Fees

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No one likes surprise fees, especially at the airport. Use this luggage scale to find out exactly how much your bags weigh. It’ll measure up to 110 pounds, so you’ll know if you packed too much to check your bag for free!

This Lightweight, Sturdy Tablet Stand is Rated 4.8 Stars and is Under $20

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Use your tablet in comfort with this buyer-fave tablet stand that earns a stellar 4.8-star ratings from more than 18,000 buyers. It’s available in silver, gray or black, and supports your tablet in portrait or landscape mode. The viewing angle is adjustable, and the base has rubber cushions on the bottom. It’s designed to allow you to plug in your tablet while it’s on the stand, so it makes a great home base for your device.

This 10-Foot Phone Charger Lets You Easily Use Your Phone While It Charges

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Is there anything more annoying than dealing with a bunch of cords while trying to charge your devices? I also hate how short the cords are, and I often want to use my phone while I charge it. This 10-foot charger allows me to do that. I keep it plugged under my nightstand, so I have easy access to my phone whenever I want to use it while it charges!

These Stylish Polarized Sunglasses Can Be Worn by Men and Women

via Amazon

Sunglasses are a travelers must-have item, and these are a great buy because both men and women can wear them. My boyfriend first bought them, and I kept taking them to wear, so he ended up buying a second pair for me! This is what I call winning.

This Wireless Charging Mouse Pad Is a Smart Addition to Your Desk

via Amazon

I love a good multi-purpose product, so this Wireless Charging Mouse Pad caught my attention. Not only does it serve as a mousepad, but it doubles as a charging mat for your wireless mouse and phone. It’s earning solid reviews from Amazon customers, who say it “works great” and “does fast charging.”

Sleeve Protection for Your Laptop

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I’ve never been a fan of the big, bulky laptop bags, preferring instead to rely on sleek laptop sleeves like this one to keep my MacBook Pro protected. Between the cushioned corners, soft flannel inside and zippered opening, you know your computer is going to be safe. Snag it in a size for your smaller 13-inch laptops or the bigger 16-inch workhorses.

These Foam Insoles Make Hiking Boots More Comfortable

via Amazon

I have an old pair of hiking boots that I’m trying to stretch more years out of, so I added a pair of these foam insoles. Hello, comfort! They provide arch support, cushion my heels, and have improved my hikes tremendously. I’m going to try them in my walking shoes, too.

Join the Band

via Amazon

I have a watch band problem, as in “I can’t stop buying watch bands.” Granted, I have an Apple Watch and this tortoise shell-looking band is designed for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, but that won’t stop me from finding a similar design for myself. If you’re tired of athletic-type bands or the silicone version that makes your wrist sweaty, step up your game with this option that’s both functional and chic.

A Portable Charger to Combat Weak Phone Battery

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I hold off on upgrading my phone as long as I possibly can — which means my battery life is generally pretty bad. Luckily, this portable charger has kept my phone going. It’s small and slim, making it easy to pack away into your bag. Plus, it’s so powerful that it can charge an iPhone 8 more than two times!

These Super Fluffy Slippers That Can Be Worn as Sandals, Loved by Megan Fox

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Celebrities like Megan Fox have made these super fluffy slippers with rubber soles an on-trend shoe.
You can wear them inside as slippers or outside as sandals and this candy floss pink color that Megan wears is my favorite – check out what a great deal they are on Amazon!

This Straw Clutch Holds All The Goodies

via Amazon

Straw is the ideal material for a summer handbag, which makes this clutch an absolute must-have for the warmer months. It would look cute with literally every dress or tee, and it’s incredibly spacious. Carry all of your necessities in style with this one and watch the compliments roll in.

Carry the Essentials in This Sleek Phone Purse

via Amazon

When all I need to bring is my phone, credit card, and lipstick, I love to use this Phone Purse. It’s stylish enough to work with a dressy outfit but completely functional with a magnetic clasp and a separate zippered pocket. It comes in 14 colors (I ordered the gold).

This Car Charger Works With USB and Type C Cords

via Amazon

If you need a car charger that’ll take both traditional USB cords and the newer C type, snag this one ASAP.
“This charger is much more compact and the part that sticks out of the plug barely sticks out. This makes it perfect for my needs because it allows for practical use of the area it gets plugged into while giving me more juice during those shorter car rides.” – D. Mascio

These Fuzzy Slippers Have Over 129,000 Rave Reviews

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When you want to slip your feet into pillowy softness, reach for these fuzzy slippers to soothe your tired toes. Even husbands want in on these beauties: “Extremely comfortable slippers! They’re my wife’s, but I wear them when she’s not at home.” – Dave. I respect that Dave, but you can just buy your own pair.

Your Photo Quality Will Increase 1000% With This Selfie Stick

via Amazon

I avoided selfie sticks for a long time, believing they were clunky and embarrassing. However, after yet another family outing where there were no decent photos of myself, I broke down and ordered this Selfie Stick. Now I love it and am here to sing its praises! It telescopes down for easy portability and has improved my photography so much. Finally, I have cute family photos that include myself!

This Small Crossbody Purse is Perfect for Traveling Light

via Amazon

When you want to carry just the essentials, this small leather crossbody bag is perfect. It’s high-quality and attractive, and it has a detachable adjustable crossbody strap, so you can wear it as a purse or carry it as a clutch. (It’s got a detachable wrist strap as well.) Choose from more than 30 colors and patterns! I’ve got these bags in teal and red. Both are lovely.

This Armband Phone Holder is a Great Fitness Partner

via Amazon

Whenever I go for a walk or run, and my leggings don’t have pockets, I’m at a loss about where to put my phone. Problem solved with this armband phone holder that handily holds your device in place even during vigorous jogs. Reviewers love that it’s easy to use and easy to access while you’re working out.

A Receiver That Adds Bluetooth to Your Car

via Amazon

Even if your car is straight out of 1985, you can still stream music wirelessly from your phone using this receiver. Just plug it into your cigarette lighter — and with two USB ports, you can even charge multiple devices at the same time. The best part? There’s even a built-in microphone to let you answer calls handsfree.

This Carry-On Bag That’s Seriously Versatile

via Amazon

You can use this tote as a gym bag or even as a carry-on — the strap on the back makes it easy to balance on top of any rolling luggage you might have. It’s made from tough nylon that won’t rip, and you have the choice of three colors: pink, grey, or black. The right carry on is essential for any plane trip, so make sure you grab this one.

This Oversized Beach Tote Reviewers Say is “The Best I’ve Ever Owned”

I used a sad combination of grocery sacks and an old backpack to cart our gear to the beach recently. I’ve wised up and ordered this Oversized Beach Tote. It’s a fantastic value and has enough room and pockets to carry everything. It’s also earning top ratings from Amazon customers, with an impressive 4.8 out of 5-star average!

These Luggage Tags are Oh-So Cute

Ready to jet off to an exciting destination? Make sure your luggage gets there too with this tag set from WALNEW. The set of two comes in a variety of colors and includes a card where you can write your personal info, just in case.

Organize Your Makeup Without Organizing It

I like this one for a number of reasons. For starters, you can easily lay out this drawstring makeup bag to see everything you need all at one time. When it’s time to leave, simply pull the bag closed, and you can transport all your brushes, compacts, and bottles with you. Plus it’s compact enough that you’ll barely take up any room in your suitcase.

This Anti-Theft Bag Is a Smart Choice for Travel

For peace of mind and practicality, this Anti-Theft Bag is a smart choice for travel or public transit. The crossbody design means it’s hard to snatch, and the fabric of both the bag and strap are slash-resistant. The main compartment can be locked, and there’s an RFID blocking card built-in.

Organize Your Next Outing With These Packing Cubes

You can organize your packing efforts better with this six-piece set of packing cubes. Waterproof and featuring fabric that’s thicker than traditional packing cube sets, this bundle includes small, medium, large and extra-large options that make traveling a breeze and give you more space for souvenirs.