Amazon’s New Service Might Be Convenient but It’s Also Pretty Creepy

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Amazon is taking over the world. The once humble bookselling company has cornered the market on practically every market, and now it’s coming for your house.

This week, Amazon announced the Amazon Key, a device that opens your door for couriers so they can drop your stuff inside your house.

For starters, the Amazon Key is only available to people with Prime memberships, which run $99 yearly – and you have to shell out an additional $249 for the kit, which includes a camera – the Amazon Cloud Cam – as well as a smart lock.

A designated courier comes to your front door, rings your doorbell, and scans your package. If everything is cool, the Cloud Cam turns on, you get an email, and you can watch from the safety of your wherever as the courier delivers the package and gets the hell out. Sounds great, right?  

Amazon says it’ll only turn the camera on when a courier comes by, but theoretically, Amazon would know “a lot more about [people’s] lives and habits, like when they leave the house in the morning, how often they go on vacation, and when they get back from work at night.” This is according to the Verge, which did an article on the subject.

For one – and this is pure speculation, mind you – any person wishing to do harm could grab your package and your courier’s credentials and use it to enter your home. That is, of course, assuming your courier isn’t already some crazy stalker-killer out to make a blouse from your skin.  

Maybe you involve yourself in a little light crime. Doesn’t matter that you didn’t know cousin Bobby was a member of the Italian mafia with ties to Al-Qaeda and the Yakuza – the government could theoretically subpoena the handy camera you have pointed at your door and pin you as a crazy multi-national gangster with terrorist ties. Just sayin’.

But the long and short of it is there’s so many things that could go wrong with the Amazon Key, we certainly won’t let it into our house. The question is, will you?