Tattooed Model Cruelly Branded ‘Ugly’ After Covering 98% Of Her Body in Ink

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Amber Luke, a heavily tattooed model, has spoken out about how it feels to be trolled online.

The model from Brisbane, Australia opened up about how she was bullied in school only to have it continue as she got older when she put herself out online.

The twenty-six-year-old is known for her unique look. Almost every inch of her body is covered in tattoos, including the whites of her eyes which have been turned bright blue. She also had a split tongue, stretched-out earholes, and dermal piercings. After years of adding to her body art collection, she’s managed to cover more than 98% of herself and she might not be done yet.

But her openness with her journey has left the influencer vulnerable to hate and criticism online and even in real life. Speaking on her Instagram account @amber_luke666, which has been removed temporarily, the tattoo lover said this: “Fun fact about me – I am Australian/Aboriginal and also have Chinese blood in me – hence my small eyes.

“I got bullied A LOT growing up – people loved to project their own insecurities onto me to make me feel inadequate.”

She continued: “And to this day – nothing has changed… how ironic lol. I get called ugly, a degenerate, a scum, a waste of oxygen and also get told I shouldn’t reproduce – on a daily basis.”

Thankfully though, Amber has thick skin. She emphasized that she would not let the comments get to her.

“You think that it would hurt me, but I’ve gotten so so strong over the years of this torment. Society is a proper a***hole man, stay in your lane and mind your own damn business! The person you’re scrutinizing could be so catatonically depressed and your s*** opinion and judgment could just be enough to push them over to the edge.


Of course, her fans rallied around the star and sent her messages of support at the time.

“Keep doing you, you beautiful human,” said one.

Another added: “I think you’re an inspiration and are so incredibly beautiful inside and out.”

A third told her to “stay strong.”

As long as Amber is happy within her own skin, that is all that matters! And we think she looks amazing!