American Airlines Cancels More Than 600 Flights

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American Airlines has cancelled more than 600 flights today.

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American Airlines has cancelled more than 600 flights.


That’s more than 12% of the companies total operations.

Worryingly they’ve cancelled more than 1,500 flights since Friday.

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There’s many reasons why, such as staff shortages and weather disturbances.

In a statement to CNN, American Airlines said:

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“With additional weather throughout the system, our staffing begins to run tight as crew members end up out of their regular flight sequences.”

Two days of severe winds in Dallas-Fort Worth, its largest hub, sharply reduced arrival capacity.

Covid is also somewhat to blame due to the massive drop in travel last year and air travel companies dropping staff and offering them early retirement packages to save costs.

Now there’s a lack of staff.

However the travel companies remain confident that everything will be back to normal again soon…