Woman Says American Airlines Lost Track of Her Two Cats From LA to NYC

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A woman has claimed that American Airlines “lost track” of her 2 cats during a flight from Los Angeles to New York City.

Ariel Dale was moving from Los Angeles to New York City for graduate school with her cats, Stevie Nicks and Mr. Tumnus, when they were lost by the airline.

In a video posted to TikTok, which has received more than 4.2 million views so far, Dale explained that her cats had been lost by American Airlines and “no one can tell me where they are.”

Alongside the video, she added a caption that read: “This is actually my worst nightmare. They’ve already been in the kennel for over 14 hours bcuz their flight was cancelled.”

Speaking with Insider, Dale explained that American Airlines was the only airline she found offering non-stop flights for her cats.

She had considered driving the distance, but said she thought it would be “too stressful to make them sit in a car for 12 hours a day and then be introduced to a new Airbnb every night.”

Dale said in a following TikTok video that her cats were rescued and get anxious around other people, which is why she chose not to bring them on a commercial flight with other passengers.

After her initial short video gained so much attention, Dale took to TikTok once again to post a series of 3 videos explaining the whole situation.

In the first part of her series, she explains that the day first went wrong after American Airlines gave her the wrong drop-off location for her cats.

After rushing around the find the address, she eventually sorted them out before rushing to her own flight with just minutes to spare.

Once Dale eventually boarded her flight, the situation started to get even worse as she received a text message that said her cats’ flight was delayed and canceled. The cats were then booked onto another flight, which also ended up delayed.

In the second video, she explains that, once she landed in New York City, she contacted an American Airlines spokesperson who assured her that both cats were “being well taken care of.”

Later that evening, Dale headed to the airport to pick up the cats from their flight but, upon arrival, she discovered that she had been given the wrong pickup point. She then arrived at the correct terminal, Terminal 8, where she asked to pick up her cats, but the staff member didn’t know what she was talking about.

The staff member then spent the following 2 hours trying to locate the cats, while Dale was distraught at the thought of losing them.

Once they were finally located, it then took another hour before she was finally reunited with her 2 fur babies.

Speaking with Insider, Dale said that American Airlines has not contacted her about the incident nor have they offered an apology or explanation.