When you think about the Dominican Republic, your mind likely fills with images of beautiful beaches, sunny skies, and a relaxing atmosphere. But reports are surfacing that some American tourists' dream vacations turned out to be anything but. In less than one hundred days, five separate tourists have died while visiting the Caribbean country and the internet is shook.

However, once we start to look into these deaths, it seems that perhaps things aren't quite as dark as they seem. While these deaths are most definitely tragic, it seems like they're largely unconnected and are not being viewed as suspicious. What do you think? Judge for yourself.

Many of us spend months looking forward to a vacation.

Being able to spend some time resting and recuperating while enjoying sunny weather and tasty food and drinks sounds pretty good to us!

And one popular location for this type of getaway is the Dominican Republic.

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This Carribean country is known for its beautiful beaches and fantastic resorts. Many particularly a vacation here because of its excellent golfing.

But that's not the only reason.

Many tourists (particularly from the USA) flock to the Dominican Republic every month to enjoy some well-earned rest and relaxation.

But, recently, reports from the country have been anything but relaxing.

A recent spate of tourist deaths in the country has got many people worrying about whether it's the safest spot to choose to vacation in.

The thought of this country has been slightly marred by these tragedies.

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And although there are tourist deaths in every vacation spot, it's the high volume (and somewhat mysterious circumstances) that has got the internet concerned.

The numbers are a little disconcerting.

There have been five tourist deaths in the Dominican Republic in the past three months, which is way above the average numbers that we would expect.

The first tragedy happened in March of this year.

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Portia Ravenelle, fifty-two, and Orlando Moore, forty, were reported missing when they didn't catch their returning flight from the Dominican Republic to Newark on March 27th.

They were found shortly afterwards.

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It appeared that they had crashed their rental car on the way to the airport.

Police discovered the car at the bottom of the sea.

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Ravanelle was found by the roadside and was admitted to hospital, where she died on April 4th. Moore's body was discovered on March 31st.

The Dominican Republic is notorious for its scary roads.

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Many of them are exceptionally dark and twisty, plus, drivers have to contend with sheer drops and other major hazards.

Another thing that drivers have to come up against?

Terrible traffic. Many of the road conditions in the Dominican Republic are known for being particularly treacherous, which makes these deaths tragic, but not super suspicious.

But there's more to this story.

The other three of the recent tourist deaths took place while the vacationers were staying in the very same hotel - the Bahia Principe. And that isn't even the strangest thing.

The first of these deaths was that of Miranda Schaup-Werner.

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The forty-one-year-old Pennsylvania native passed away in her hotel room on May 25th of this year, under quite bizarre circumstances.

Official reports state that she died of respiratory failure.

She collapsed in her hotel room and paramedics were called. In spite of being administered an epinephrine injection, shortly afterwards, she was pronounced dead.

Reports state that she had recently had a drink from the minibar.

Her brother-in-law stated that Schaup-Werner had mixed a drink of alcohol and soda and collapsed within thirty minutes of drinking it.

Her cause of death was rather odd.

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Schaup-Werner's cause of death was noted as respiratory failure and pulmonary edema, neither of which she had a history of.

But things get even stranger.

Because less than one week later, tragedy struck at the very same resort - and with an accident that seemed spookily similar.

Two more tourists died.

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Their names were Edward Nathaniel Holmes and Cynthia Day and the pair were found dead in the Bahía Príncipe hotel at the Playa Nueva Romana resort on May 30th - just five days later.

Even odder?

Both Holmes and Day died as a result of fluid buildup in the lungs - otherwise known as pulmonary edema - and respiratory failure, likely as a result of prescription medication that they were taking.

Sound familiar?

This is the exact same condition named as the cause of death in the case of Schaup-Werner. And when you consider that the two were staying at the same resort, it all becomes a little suspicious.

Some think that these connections are a little too close for comfort.

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And, indeed, it does seem like rather a high-level of coincidence, although there's currently no evidence that anything's amiss at the hotel.

And these aren't the only scary occurrences that have happened in the Dominican Republic of late.

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A Delaware woman named Tammy Lawrence-Daley has claimed that she was brutally attacked while vacationing in the same country in January of this year.

She claims that the attack went on for hours.

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Lawrence-Daley has also said that her attacker was dressed in a Majestic Elegance resort uniform.

However, there are some suspicions surrounding her claims.

Frank Durán, the spokesperson for the Dominican Republic police force, has claimed that investigators have found certain inconsistencies with her story.

For the Dominican Republic, tourism is a huge industry.

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Tourism was responsible for around seventeen percent of income within the country; it's hugely important for the Dominican Republic as a whole.

There's always some level of tourist death to be expected.

But in the entirety of 2018, there were only thirteen deaths reported in the Dominican Republic. The current number is quite a spike from that one.

Which does seem to make it a riskier place to vacation, right?

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Since the start of 2019, the US advisory board has raised the danger-levels of the country to a 2 out of 4, meaning that tourists should "exercise increased caution" when visiting the Dominican Republic.

Which means that there is potential for hazards while on a trip there.

"Violent crime, including armed robbery, homicide and sexual assault is a concern throughout the Dominican Republic. The wide availability of weapons, the use and trade of illicit drugs, and a weak criminal justice system contribute to the high level of criminality on the broader scale," an advisory from the State Department issued in April stated.

Which all sounds pretty frightening.

Many are deeply concerned about taking a trip to the Dominican Republic anytime soon.

However, it's also no reason to go into a flat-out panic.


As one (rather aggressive) Facebook-commenter put it, "Sare tactics ... NONE of this is even linked to the other ... could of happened anywhere and typically does in every major city in the USA every single day!!" What do you think? Genuine threat, or a case of hysteria?