America's First Surviving Set of Black Sextuplets Graduate From High School Together | 22 Words

America's first-ever surviving set of black "sextuplets" have just remarkably graduated from high school together.

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Being a twin is truly a wonderful thing.

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There's no denying that twins will forever have an incredible sibling-bond with their other half.

Twins are a rather unlikely occurrence...

According to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), only approximately one in 250 pregnancies results in twins.

But the births of twins have increased significantly over the years...

And this is thanks to fertility treatments, IVF, and women choosing to have children at a later age.

Twins have an incredibly intense bond from the moment they are born...

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Because sharing a womb for 8 months is a pretty big deal.

But what about triplets?

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Or quadruplets?

And believe it or not...

Some women can give birth to 6 children at a time - who are known as sextuplets. Our eyes are watering just thinking about it...

Of course, giving birth to sextuplets is extremely rare...

But it can happen! And America's first-ever surviving set of sextuplets have just graduated from high school together. Keep scrolling to read about their amazing story...

Back in 2002...

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Chris and Diamond Harris, who are from Birmingham in Alabama, welcomed their 6 babies via C-section at twenty-six weeks.

The Harris sextuplets have been followed by the media since their birth in 2002.

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Kiera, Kobe, Kaylynne, Kaleb, Kieran, and Kyle all arrived after Diamond was prescribed fertility drugs following the birth of her first child from a previous marriage.

Diamond was initially told she was carrying 5 children...

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But doctors soon discovered this wasn't the case when the mom underwent an emergency C-section when things took a scary turn. "Kaleb worried me," Diamond told NBC, "Because he was like transparent almost. I could see his organs. I could see his veins and I was really, really worried."

The children remained in the hospital for 3 months until they could go home...

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And from the moment they arrived home, Diamond and Chris's lives changed forever. During a Dateline interview in 2003, the busy mom said that she went through sixty disposable diapers and two cases of formula - every day. 

The family also spent around $1,100 a month on groceries...

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And in 2007, they appeared on Oprah to talk about the realities of raising their 6 babies.

In 2012, Chris and Diamond divorced...

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But the co-parents remain very good friends and they are each consistently in their kids' lives.

As the years have passed...

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The 6 siblings have all grown to be well-rounded individuals who are all very close.

And now, the time has come for the 6 youngsters to graduate from high school.

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"The morning of the ceremony, I sat in bed looking at their baby pictures and felt depressed," Diamond told Today about the milestone. "It's going to be too quiet."

As proud as the parents are, it is going to be a huge adjustment for the family.

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"These kids have been my life for almost 18 years. They have been my reason," added Chris. "I keep reminding myself it’s just going to be different, but everything will be OK."

The sextuplets will be spending the next month packing for college.

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Kiera and Kobe will attend Lawson State Community College, with Kiera studying cosmetology.

Kaylynne will go to Alabama State University for its physical therapy program...

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And Kaleb and Kieran will attend Alabama A&M, with Kaleb majoring in computer science and Kieran pursuing art.

Kyle, who has autism, will do a life skills program.

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The future is certainly bright for America's first-surviving African-American set of sextuplets!

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