Amsterdam Is Getting a Willy Wonka-Style Chocolate Factory Complete With a Rollercoaster

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Amsterdam is a major hot spot for tourists, and now it looks like there’s yet another reason to visit the city (when lockdown is over, of course).

The city is set to be getting a Willy-Wonka style chocolate factory and judging by the pictures, it’s going to be amazing. Keep scrolling to take a look…

Although in the last few years its popularity seems to have hit an all-time high.

From museums to historical landmarks like Anne Frank’s house and buzzing nightlife, there’s plenty to do in the well-loved Dutch city.

And it looks a-m-a-z-i-n-g.

The magical tale of Willy Wonka was originally brought to life in the form of a children’s book, by the critically acclaimed children’s author, Roald Dahl – going on to have 2 movie adaptions.

For many, it’s more than just a tasty treat. It’s something with emotional links and has actually been proven to stimulate happy chemicals in the brain.

The fact that chocolate is made from beans almost gives it a fairytale quality. There certainly appears to be at least a little bit of magic involved.

There’s nothing quite like a little (or large) bit of chocolate to instantly soothe and cheer. Think of it as a natural (and very cheap) form of therapy.

It may have been completely fictional, but we all dreamed about gorging on one of those bars and finding that golden ticket.

Dutch confectionary company Tony’s Chocoloney is opening up a rather unique factory in Zaandam, a small city on the outskirts of Amsterdam.

And they really do bear resemblance to those Wonka bars we all know.

As you’d have probably guessed by now, the build is said to be inspired by the weird and wonderful world of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Plans for Tony’s Chocolonely Chocolate Circus  were released this week by the Amsterdam-based architecture and urban planning company SeARCH.

Unlike its predecessors, this factory will be donning a full-blown rollercoaster.

The factory will be made up of 3 different buildings – one of which will house the rollercoaster. Sign. Us. Up.

And while the plans were first announced back in 2018, they have only just been delivered to the planning council.

Inside the complex, visitors will get to learn all about chocolate – and that includes the unfair treatment of the farmers by much of the industry.

“There will be a mega chocolate factory that everyone can visit, with a roller coaster. Really. We have been dreaming of it for ages… and it will really happen now. Whoop whoop straps.”

“Tony’s Chocolonely has found a crazy location on the border of Zaanstad and Amsterdam, on the IJ / North Sea Canal.”

“We are super happy and cannot wait,” SeARCH said in a statement.

But it’s still a wonderful addition to the unique park.

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