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As the virus continues to decimate on a global scale, we've all been forced to realize just how fragile life can be. No one expected the string of a disease we once knew to become such a deadly force. And after rumors that a vaccine could take up to twelve months have surfaced, we must come together to help those most vulnerable in our society.

And there's one method we have been advised to adopt: social distancing.

Keep scrolling to see some heartwarming photographs on how people are managing this - along with one Amsterdam restaurant that has absolutely nailed it!

Social Distancing: What is it?

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You've probably heard this term being thrown about these past few weeks but what is the true meaning behind it?

It is the act of limiting social interaction.

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This includes reducing how often we go out to visit our friends, other family members, how often we attend events and gatherings.

Is it effective?

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How do I stress this so that the world can understand? It is very important that we control and limit our social interaction as it will prevent the further spread of the coronavirus. If you don't come into contact with people as often, you can't pass on the germs.

How can we do this effectively?

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In order to carry out social distancing in an effective manner, we all need to first understand how serious this global pandemic has become. Why? Because some people don't realize the severity of this virus, ain't that right, Vanessa Hudgens and co.?

It's about protecting the more vulnerable people in our society.

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There are many factors that make some people more susceptible to falling victim to the disease and it typically involves their health or their age.

So if you're young, healthy and contract the virus, you've got a good chance of surviving...

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But it's not about you. It's about everyone else. That's why social distancing is important, in order to prevent further spread.

And recently, people have been sharing photos about how they are going about this online...

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I know things seem hopeless right now, but these photos and tips are so heartwarming that your faith in our communities will be restored. Keep scrolling to see them.

A tip:

You can still enjoy food from restaurants and cafes without physically being there. While delivery services are still available, make the most of them!

Beer Night.

"My dad texted the neighborhood dads for social distancing beers tonight."

I wonder what the topic of discussion will be...

I hope they all talk about how nice it is to be spending more quality time with their wives and children.

Another tip:

Working from home can be difficult for anyone, especially if you're not used to it so getting into a good mind space can help.

Beer Night: Mom version.

These moms are doing the same thing but at an acceptable distance.

Stay healthy.

Another thing that can help those of us working remotely is keeping your body healthy. Water is essential. Stay hydrated, kids.

Happy Hour.

Social distancing doesn't mean completely blocking out the outside world, remember that.

Another helpful idea.

The final working-from-home tip we have is this one. Take regular breaks. Lots of them, if you have to. It will provide you with some freshness before returning back to your screen.

Neighborhood Happy Hour.

I need to be part of this!

Harry agrees.

The king of music and floral suits has spoken. Face masks are the way forward.

Social Distancing Hour.

There are many opportunities to spend time with the neighborhood.

Get creative.

There are no excuses. Get those creative juices flowing. Remember that novel you were going to start? What about the last line of that song? Poetry is fun to try out. I hear Spring is the season for haikus.

Bestie Hour.

You can still share some quality time with your friends... But from 2 meters away.

Treat yourself.

Netflix can wait until the final straw. It will still be there, don't worry.


We stan these active queens.

So cute!

One of the cutest ideas I've seen so far. Write a letter to someone who needs it. The residents at this nursing home would really love one so if you've got a spare minute, get writing!

Keep Apart.

Staying the appropriate distance doesn't mean conversations have been canceled.

Lend a hand.

If you're fit and healthy, do what you can to help others that might not be. Don't take your time for granted.

Aerobics Class.

It can be easy to forget, but exercising during these difficult times is important to maintain your health. This neighborhood class is doing it right!

Dance Party.

If this doesn't make you want to throw your own neighborhood dance party, then I don't know what will.

Keep moving.

Laughter truly is the best medicine.


I want to be part of this!


Or you could dress up like a dinosaur and run down your street to entertain your neighbors. Hey, it works!

Look after yourselves.

Students: Prioritize your health over your exams. Put revision to the side and try and hone your other skills instead. Learn how to cook more than pot noodles. Learn a new skill. Knitting is much more fun than it sounds. The system is down so you don't need to pressure yourself.

Get outside!

Fresh air really does help. Don't stay cooped in all day.


The Jewish community is remaining faithful while still practising social distancing. This is the type of commitment we want to see.

Get cooking.

Learn a new recipe. This super easy and super delicious Pad Thai recipe can be your first.

Sunday Sessions.

Even the church has implemented the social distancing rule. You can all keep praying during this difficult time if that makes you feel better.

Pet action!

You can't go wrong with a photo shoot, can you? Enjoy your time while we all still have it and remember folks, keep an eye on your loved ones, eat healthily and wash your hands. Stay safe!

But the prize for the best social distancing has to go to ...

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The Mediamatic restaurant in Oosterdok, Amsterdam.

In order to keep customers safe ...

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They've created a terrace filled with private greenhouses to keep them separate.

Groups are kept to 3, maximum.

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And the guests must already be living together to be allowed entry.

"‘This was one of the most feasible ideas from a large list of ideas we had when brainstorming."

"We only had tickets for June and the last week of May online and they are now all sold out," Willem Velthoven, Mediamatic’s founder, told the NL Times.

This gives us so much hope for the future.

Sure, the world is going to be very strange for a long time - but little things like this can make us feel so much happier about the new normal. Want another heartwarming story about social distancing? Scroll on for the amazing grandad-granddaughter dance ...