An ‘Aggressive’ Squirrel Is Terrorizing Brooklyn Residents and It’s Not as Funny as It Sounds

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There’s nothing quite as sensational as an animal running wild through the street of a city, raising hell and plaguing the citizens that cross its path.

That’s what’s going on in Brooklyn, but there’s something a little…different about this story.

The catch?

Well, the animal is a squirrel.

Yup. It might sound ridiculous, but as you’ll see below, it’s a very real problem.

You’re not supposed to feed the squirrels.

Squirrels can get a little, pardon the pun, nuts if they get used to food from humans.

Keep on reading, and take a look at some squirrel attacks that were serious enough to attract honest to goodness media attention.

How were these people “attacked” by the furry creature? Well…keep reading.

You better find the door. The story you come across on the next page likely won’t help you overcome your fear!

This poor girl was minding her own business when the animal jumped up and bit her. Poor thing didn’t do anything to deserve this.

It’s easy to imagine that this aggressive behavior comes about as the result of rabies, but no one knows just yet. If that’s the case, these bites are even more troubling and dangerous.

It’s hard not to laugh at the headline, but we wouldn’t be laughing if this was another animal, so these victims certainly deserve our compassion.

Sure enough, in this clip, he’s bitten as he feeds the critter.

Is it one squirrel, or a rash of rabies outbreaks among squirrels?

Hopefully, this will be over and done with before anyone else gets hurt, because these attacks certainly aren’t funny to the victims.

It gives an account of the attacks and info on what to do if someone’s bitten by this possibly-rabid animal.

If there’s a showdown, I’d like to see a video. That would be funny.

Hopefully, this surreal story will be over soon enough so no one else has to explain to a doctor that they need rabies shots thanks to a rabid squirrel in the park.