Visiting the local animal shelter is always an exciting time.

Picking out your new little companion is a wonderful experience, and these animal shelters are the home to many unfortunate pets who are just looking for a new loving home.

But not all of these pets are lucky enough to get adopted...

One little kitten from Battersea Cats and Dogs home is struggling to find her forever home. When you take a look at her, you'll struggle to understand why.

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There are a lot of unfortunate pets out there who are put up for adoption...

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And while they wait out their adoption process, they reside in animal shelters with fellow homeless pets.

It is a heartbreaking reality that millions of animals never get the chance to be rehomed...

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According to the ASPCA, approximately 1.5 million shelter animals here in the U.S. are euthanized every year when they are waiting too long to be rehomed.

But some animals get very lucky...

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The ASPCA also found that 3.2 million shelter animals successfully find new homes when they are put up for adoption.

But this isn't always the case.

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Meaning there will always be animals out there without homes.

This is sadly the case for a little kitty called Ana.

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The adorable Ana only has one eye, which has seriously affected her chances of getting adopted.

Ana is now 4 months old.

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She was only 7 weeks old when she was brought to Battersea Cats and Dogs home.

Just a few weeks after Battersea took her in, it became apparent why she was struggling.

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As well as being born with a cleft lip, Ana also suffered from a rare abnormality causing her right eye to be underdeveloped.

The deformity caused the kitten severe discomfort.

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The vets decided to remove the eye so she wouldn't be in any more pain.

The problem is that people are looking for animals that meet their photogenic standards.

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The Battersea staff are worried that this social media craze is preventing people from adopting animals with physical problems.

Ana might not meet the picture-perfect criteria.

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As her black fur is also a deterrent for people who are overly superstitious. I mean... really?

There is clearly nothing to be wary of about Ana.

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Maybe falling too much in love with the adorable furball, but that's about it.

Rachel Saunders the cattery manager said...

"It is such a shame when people take animals at face value when searching for a new pet, rather than looking beyond their appearance to find unique quirks and personalities." "As well as her distinctive face, Ana is a black cat and too many people still have misconceptions and superstitions about that particular color. We think she’s beautiful just the way she is because the things that make an animal different are what makes them special." "Rescue animals may not be perfect, but they’re certainly worth it."

We agree with you, Rachel.

She went on to describe Ana as "soft and playful. Her unique look only makes her a more interesting creature. She’d be fine to live with older children and teenagers, though she would prefer not to have to share the spotlight with any other cats or dogs."

Although kittens from Battersea are usually adopted straight away.

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Ana is still waiting for someone to embrace her unique qualities and adopt her.

Rachel later said...

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"As with any rescue animal, Ana deserves a fresh start and has a lot to offer as a pet. She’s had a tough start to life, but she’s definitely still got eight of her nine lives left to live and we hope that her luck is about to change for the better. She may not have 20/20 vision, but we believe that this will be her year." Let us hope that Ana can find her forever home soon!