As the year is slowly coming to an end, so are some of our favorite shows. But thankfully, they are going to be replaced with some all-new shows and films such as this one, starring Andy Samberg and Craig Robinson.

Read on for all the details.

Some of our favorite shows have been canceled.

Yeah, if 2020 couldn't get any worse...

It just did.

Over seventy-two shows have decided not to renew for another season after premiering their last one late last year or early this year.

A lot of it is just to do with the ratings...

Some seasons just completely flopped for the production, so it's best not to drag the corpse around, right? Others just decided it was the end of the road for them - Goodbye, Patriot Act.

But even shows you wouldn't have expected to have made that list are on it.

Let me just take you through a few... And get the tissues out for this one, ladies and gentlemen, it's going to be a tough ride.

Messiah - 1 Season.

Remember when everyone was talking about this show? I guess the drama just wasn't enough.

BoJack Horseman - 6 Seasons.

Now this one hit a little too close to home...

The Good Place - 4 Seasons.

We thought The Good Place would have made it... But no.

Power - 6 Seasons.

And this classic? How dare it get canceled?

Criminal Minds - 15 Seasons.

No one's happy about this crime series ending, especially not me.

13 Reasons Why - 4 Seasons.

But this one... See you later.

Hawaii Five-O - 10 Seasons.

And Hawaii Five-O has been on our screens for a decade now... It's truly the end of an era.

Modern Family - 11 Seasons.

And on that note, Modern Family is also not seeing any more new seasons...

How to Get Away With Murder - 6 Seasons.

But the most painful just had to be this one. No more Annalise Keating? How are we supposed to survive?

Well, don't worry, these shows are bound to be replaced, right?

And the latest blockbuster in the works is none other than a new weed-fuelled movie titled Super High.

The cast will star 2 notorious funny men...

Andy Samberg and Craig Robinson.

Now you may remember these 2 from episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, where they had a pretty complicated relationship...

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Were they friends? Were they enemies? In the end, the term "frenemies" probably sums it up best.

In this new movie, however, they're finally on the same page.

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According to sources who have revealed a few details about the upcoming project, the pair, along with Common, will gain superpowers in this comedy.

Once the pitch was approved, there was a competition to see who would produce it...

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And New Line Cinema came out on top, winning all the rights to the film.

According to Deadline, it was a seven-figure deal for the script alone...

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And it also has a production commitment included.

And just to add that extra sparkle to the team, Adam Mansbach will be writing the storyline along with Shamier Anderson.

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Anderson will also be working as executive producer on Super High.

After hearing about the news, fans are more than excited to see how it will play out...

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Super High has yet to set a release date.

So keep your eyes peeled! In other news, keep scrolling for the full list of shows that have been canceled in 2020.