Angelina Jolie Says She Feared for Her Family’s Safety During Marriage to Brad Pitt

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Angelina Jolie has spoken out about the allegations of domestic abuse she made against her ex-husband Brad Pitt and added that she feared for her children’s safety whilst the pair were married.

Last weekend Angelina spoke to the Guardian, admitting she feels “broken” amid the custody battle for her children.

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Fans were shocked to find out about Brad and Angelina’s divorce back in 2016, resulting in some rumors of an affair being the cause of the sudden split. During the time, Angelina’s estranged father, Jon Voight, told BuzzFeed News that “something severe must have happened.”

Nearly 5 years on, and the pair are still fighting for legal custody of their 5 children, not including their eldest son, Maddox, who is no longer a minor.

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Angelina’s decision to file for divorce seemed to coincide with a complaint she made to the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services that charged Brad with child abuse.

The charges — which Brad has been cleared of — were concerning an incident between him and Maddox that took place on a private plane from the US to Europe, when he was fifteen.

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It was reported that Angelina filed for divorce just 5 days after this said incident.
Legal filings obtained by The Blast earlier this year confirmed that Angelina is willing to give “proof and authority in support” of the alleged domestic abuse she was subjected to by Brad.

The actress has also spoken out about the ongoing custody battle and abuse allegations, telling the Guardian: “…I’m still in my own legal situation.”

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“I had an experience in the States with my own children, and I thought… Well, human rights, children’s rights,” she said regarding the alleged abuse.
“I remembered the rights of the child, and I took them out and looked at them and thought, ‘Well, these are for when you’re in a situation and you want to make sure there is support for the children in your life,'” she continued.
“Then I found out the US hadn’t ratified the rights of the child. One of the ways it affects children is their voice in court — a child in Europe would have a better chance of having a voice in court than a child in California. That said a lot to me about this country,” she added.

After being asked more surrounding the topic, Angelina apologized and said she couldn’t divulge any further into the ongoing legal battle.

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But she did say this: “It has been so horrific that I almost have to see it as a godsend to be in a position to be able to fight this system. It doesn’t start with the violation [the plane incident]. It’s so much more complicated than that. My 17-year-old, for example, has been denied a voice in court.”

We hope everything works out in the best interest of the children.