Sometimes you get so mad that you have to do the unthinkable: write a strongly-worded letter.

The 19 people below are able to productively express their anger through words.

This is great for us because often, these angry notes are also really very funny to read. Enjoy.

Not a parking space

Well, writing on the side of their car is one way to ensure this person reads your note. Judging by what the note says, they totally deserve this.

The smell

Which person?! I want to know. Name names, man!

Hey you!

One comforting thing about vandals is that you can rest assured that karma will get them back someday.

Lunch thief

The fourth time?! Maybe you should stop bringing in such delicious lunches, Johanna! Just kidding — that's horrible. The next one is deliciously passive-aggressive.


Maybe they were just watching The Exorcist really loudly? What other noises could make it seem like an exorcism was happening?

Pulled out

Ayo! High-five! Sick burn, bud!

Do not disturb

Listen, pregnant women deserve to get what they want all the time, without question. She's busy making a human life.

Good aim

This seems like a credible threat, and I don't think I would test this person. They seem pretty unstable.

Thirty minutes

This only works if they see the note right after you put it down, though. Now, who's the idiot? I relate to the next note so hard.

Just stop

Sometimes, you're out of words, and this is all you can muster. I get it. I'm right there with you.


Here's the thing: I feel for this person, but also, how long did you leave your laundry in the machine, bro? If it was in there for more than 5 minutes after the cycle ended, this is on you.

Stop it

OK, but your name is Dr. Hedgeh. You really expect people not to add an "og" and make you Dr. Hedgehog? Just accept it, Dr. Hedgerhog.

What's next?

I think it's fair to say that it's a leap from stealing plants to punching kittens, but I still appreciate the effort put into this sign.

P.S. All day

That P.S.S. really got me. Kids are hilarious. The next one is actually kind of polite if you think about it.

Please try

All they're asking is that you try! I think that's a very reasonable request, don't you?

The worst

This person is seriously THE WORST, and I'm glad someone pointed it out to them. Not OK, especially in neighborhoods where parking is scarce.


Oh man, this one went hard with some photographic evidence of the perpetration. Love it. Ruthless.

Have fun, jerks

Why would you steal a doormat? Especially one that could very easily be cursed?

Please do not

I like to think that this is all the person could write before they were so frustrated they could not write anymore. Share this with an expert angry-note writer in your life!