Animal Rights Group Hunt for Cruel Man Who Painted Stray Dog To Look Like a Tiger

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It is truly heartbreaking that animal cruelty is a very common occurrence.

And this latest story may be the darkest yet.

Dogs are sadly one of the biggest victims of abuse and neglect.

But for some completely unknown reason, people have been known to inflict all kinds of horrors on pups.

But animal abuse and neglect have long been a problem here in the States.

And today’s story may be the darkest and strangest yet.

Millions of people around the world stand firmly against animal abuse.

For which dogs and humans alike can be truly thankful!

These organizations and charities rescue animals in danger and animals that are injured from abuse.

But it’s a sad fact that many dogs just don’t have the easiest lives.

According to a study conducted by a team at Best Friends Animal Society, dogs that have fallen victim to abuse and neglect are more likely to show behavioral traits.

Alongside persistent barking, and bizarre and repetitive behaviors such as digging, spinning in circles, and hoarding.

In some cases, abused dogs have no hope of trusting humans again, which makes them aggressive and unsafe to have in a family home.

This sadly often results in euthanasia, which is always a last resort when it comes to caring for neglected animals.

And dogs who have been neglected or abused will need lots of rehabilitation before they can be adopted.

And many wonder how anyone can be so heartless.

Well, it might just be the most heartbreaking yet.

But in a bizarre twist, a cruel human decided to paint the dog in tiger stripes.

And now animal rights groups are on the hunt for those responsible.

This poor pooch deserves some luck.

The unfortunate animal was spotted walking down the street.

All in the hopes of catching the culprit.

“A mystery reward awaits those who come forward with complete information on the incident.”

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