The Humane Society of Tampa Bay, a Florida-based animal shelter, is on the lookout for volunteers. They are advertising for volunteers to come and simply cuddle the pets.

The animals particularly need comforting cuddles when they've undergone certain treatments.

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Welcome to The Humane Society of Tampa Bay.

This is the animal shelter in Florida that has advertised for volunteers to come and cuddle their dogs.

The shelter has dogs of all shapes and sizes.

But there's one thing that all dogs appreciate...

Dogs love a good cuddle.

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And I don't know about you, but cuddling a dog can make me feel pretty good too.

The shelter isn't just home to dogs...

They even have pigs for you to cuddle!

Protectors of all animals.

Injured birds might not be as cute as cuddly dogs, but the volunteers and staff at The Humane Society of Tampa Bay still give them the time of day.

Hey there, little guy...

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I imagine that it must be hard for the volunteers not to adopt all of the dogs and take them home.

All the love...

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Without any of the responsibility of having to look after a pet full-time! Volunteering at the shelter would be ideal for anyone who isn't allowed a pet at home.

Dog therapy.

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Spending quality time with animals can do wonders for your mental health.

Volunteers turn these dogs lives' around.

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Abandoned, scared, and alone, when these pooches enter the shelter, they've lost everything - including their faith in humans. It's the job of the volunteers to restore that trust and remind them that they can be loved.

Cuddles are powerful.

You might not think it, but a cuddle can be as powerful as medicine in making a dog feel safe and secure.

Break-time, playtime.

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The Humane Society of Tampa offers an ingenious service wherein companies can arrange a Break Time Buddies session. Whether it's a chance for some downtime for the office team on a Friday afternoon or a way to break up the week, a bit of doggy therapy has been proven to improve the working week.

Fancy a game of fetch?

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There's also plenty of opportunities for volunteers to come and throw a ball around with some of the more lively pooches. I mean, look at how cute this guy is, how could you say no?

Comfort cuddles.

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One of the main reasons that the shelter needs cuddle volunteers is to support the pooches after they've had operations or when they're a little poorly.

If only I lived in Florida...

Sadly, to volunteer for this adorable job, you probably have to live in or around the Florida state...

But be sure to check out the shelters near you...

I'm sure there's plenty of pooches in your local area that could do with some cuddles... Trust me, volunteering at your nearest animal shelter will make you feel great. I mean, look how happy that little kid is. Continue scrolling to read all about the seventy-five-year-old dude that visits an animal shelter every day to nap with the cats...