30 of the Cutest Pets Ever Being Totally Pampered | 22 Words

Everyone knows animals love to be scratched, pet, and loved. But did you know the true way to an animal's heart is a brush? And before I get a million angry dog owners in the comments telling me their dog hates being brushed, I know. I was just like you once, but I've been shown the way.

We've wrangled together 30 of the cutest gifs of animals being absolutely pampered by their owners with one simple brush. Who knew something so simple could be so cute?

The animals in this roundup are so cute, you might want to pull up a tab on the ASPCA website and start filling out those adoption papers. And, while irresponsible pet adoption is a bad idea, you might not be able to help yourself after this.

A kitty fully at peace

I love how he lifts his little paws up like he's enjoying his spa day. Like, really enjoying his spa day!

Go to sleep little guy

Why can't I get brushed to sleep at night? Oh, cause it's weird? Fair enough.

The happiest dog you'll ever see

Why didn't my dog ever love his brush this much?

Kitty self-brush

This is genius cat-parenting. It can keep your kitty occupied for hours, and it's also just downright adorable.

Little flat hamster!

He turns into a pancake so fast! Who knew you could brush a hamster with a brush bigger than its body!

Puppy with a backscratcher

Look at that little leg, go!

Ultimate relaxation

I don't think I've ever been this relaxed in my life.

Rat scratches!

A toothbrush will do for this little guy! He looks so happy!

Relaxing towards full comatose

This cat is about to enter another dimension, that's how comfortable they are.

Hypnotic brushes

from KneadyCats
I love it when they knead the air with their paws. It makes me melt.

Human comb brushes!

She's really leaning into it!

Brush me first!

This cat might as well be saying, "You can have your brushes when I'm finished." That's the cat attitude we all know and love.

Royal brushes.

Pretty sure this cat thinks it's royalty. And I don't blame them.


Dogs are way too clever. That's a good scratch.

Big floof getting pampered!

He's being brushed into a little furball!

Bulls need brushing too!

And look how much he's enjoying himself. This guy didn't know what he was in for.

Love to hate it, hate to love it

He has no power over the brush! That is his greatest weakness.

A two-pronged brush is the invention of the 21st Century

It's like a little brushy stethoscope!

The littlest kitten with the littlest brush

The way she bites her paw is so cute!

Chinchilla brush!

Look at those lil ears! They are so big compared to their head.

Helpful brusher

Those got a little too aggressive for comfort. Maybe cats and birds really can't be friends.

Little head scratch

Giant cat or little hand? I guess we'll go with the little hand.


I needed this gif in my life more than any of you could know.

Double teamed brush!

This dog is actually in heaven. I know because All Dogs Go To Heaven.

Never let go of the brush...

"I will never let this brush out of my sight. We are friends now."

Even bunnies need brushes

from rabbitgifs
Although I think this bunny might have been sleeping...

Goodnight, little chick!

This is the true power of the brush. To relax a creature into peaceful sleep.

Capybara belly scratch!

What world are we living in where we can't all own Capybaras as pets?

Bird Q-tip

So if you're not supposed to put Q-tips in your ears, is this what they're actually for?

Auto-cow scratcher!

A little scratcher made just for this cow. Genius!