Animals Can Get VERY Clever When They're Thinking of Ways To Beat the Heat | 22 Words

When summer hits, us humans have a number of go-to remedies for cooling off. We go swimming, hole up in an A/C-equipped apartment or home...

...or just lay around and sweat. Well, animals are faced with the same problem in the hotter months, but as you'll see, they often find more, uh, creative ways of cooling off and chilling out. Take a look. Maybe you'll walk away with a few pointers.

Just standin' there... a makeshift tub. It's as close to swimming as some animals can get.

As you'll soon learn...

...the fridge is an obvious place of refuge for overheating pets.

There's such a thing as getting...

...too close. Hope it manages to land on its feet!

Sprawling out

The more contact you make with the glass, the cooler you'll be. So get wide!

Up close and personal with the AC.

That cat's in heaven. We all know that feeling!

Despite sitting in a cold fridge... sure appears that this cat is melting into a pool of laziness and fur.

Wolf's lair.

"It may not be large, but it's mine. And it's very, very cold."

Cat, meet glass.

I think you guys are going to be great friends one day.

Even ferrets (I think?) can get overheated.

Fortunately, this critter has no problem spreading out and chilling out.

This looks like an album cover.

Enjoy it while it lasts, bulldog. That ice won't be around forever.

Cats CAN follow instructions... long as it keeps them cool. This kitty's as still as a statue.

Pool time.

It may not be Olympic-sized, but it's getting the job done for these kangaroos.

Would you like a beer or

I'll be honest: if I saw this in a restaurant, I'd have some second thoughts.

How scary would this be...

...if you didn't know the cat was in the ice machine? SURPRISE!

Spread eagle

No regrets, cat. Do what you gotta to do stay cool.

I'm not sure...

...this approach is as effective as the cat thinks it is, but if it puts the mind at ease, keep it up.

A husky in its natural habitat.

Well, not a fridge, specifically, but a cold climate. Can you hold a miniature Iditarod in there?