Video of Blind Man Marrying Woman in Tactile Dress So He Could Feel Her Beauty Goes Viral

Anthony S. Ferraro, the Paralympic athlete, posted a clip of his wedding to his now-wife, Kelly Anne Ferraro, who wore a gorgeous tactile wedding dress so he could feel her beauty on their big day… And let me tell you, it was just beautiful.

Anthony recently tied the knot with Kelly Anne and his wife decided she would wear a very special dress for the occasion.


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You don’t have to see someone’s beauty to know it’s there, so Kelly Anne wore a dress that Anthony could feel instead.

And, even though the twenty-five-year-old athlete is doing pretty well for himself…

He says in a voiceover to the TikTok video that: “You can’t reach your full potential without that special person, one love.”

He’s most certainly won the jackpot with his wife!

Talking to Newsweek, he said: “Kelly really wanted to … make it really special for me,” he said. “She went above and beyond to find the wedding dress, which was made tactilely pleasing with use of silk, chiffon, lace, and velvet.”

And, it wasn’t just a special moment for him either…

“She started crying …. That’s when she knew. And she wouldn’t let me know anything about it until she came down the aisle and I got to touch it, so it was incredible,” Anthony said.

He even told the New York Post that it was “like I could see for the first time in my life.”

Anthony, who was born blind, has definitely not let that stop him from getting exactly what he wants.


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Whether that be as an athlete, a musician, motivational speaker, or as a heartwarming husband to his new wife.

Congratulations guys!