Flight Attendant Dances When Anti-Maskers Removed From Plane | 22 Words

Viral footage has shown the moment cabin crew and passengers celebrated after an anti-mask couple were removed from a flight.

Here's the full story...

Now, wearing facemasks has been a point of debate for over a year...


Because, sadly, a staggering number of people still protest against wearing them in public spaces.

More and more people have been joining the anti-mask movement...

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With many arguing that being made to wear a face mask during the global pandemic is "against their human rights."

Studies have shown there could be genuine physiological reasons as to why some people don't want to wear a face covering.


"When faced with uncertain situations over which we have no control, we tend to exercise it wherever we can, so we feel safe," one expert said, according to HuffPost. "Some will feel safer exercising their control over not wearing a mask, while others will feel safer exercising their control to wear one."

Other experts blame mixed messages from those in power which, we must say, explains a lot.

"The mixed messages we’ve all received are probably the main culprit for non-mask wearing. Inconsistent recommendations, along with historic polarization of political parties, magnify a common mistrust of government mandates."

But, whatever the reasons, masks have become an extremely polarizing topic...


With "anti-mask" protests continuing to take place all around the world.

But, with the growth of anti-maskers, there has been a definite incline in those taking a stand against the harmful ideology.


The latest example of an anti-masker trying to get their own way happened on a Southwest Airlines flight - however, the cabin crew were not in the mood to mess around.

Passenger, Brendan Elder, took to TikTok this week to share the footage of the scene, which was taken before a the flight departed from the airport.


In the video, an airline employee can be seen talking to a woman who is arguing that she followed requests to put her face mask on when told to.

As you'd expect, the argument was quick to escalate...


But the TikTok community are loving the way in which cabin crew handled the confrontational passenger.

The unidentified woman was evidently angry as she accused the airline employees of "lying," saying:


"You're saying I didn't comply and put my mask on when you asked me to? Are you seriously telling them that I didn't put my mask on when you asked me to? You are a liar."

Passengers started cheering and applauding as the woman - and who is presumed to be her very embarrassed partner - stood up to leave the plane...


Which ultimately spurred the woman to turn around and flip off the entire plane. Classy.

But the best part came when one of the flight attendants came to the middle of the aisle and broke out into a dance.


If that isn't what relief looks like, I don't know what is.

Though the woman was wearing a mask during the video, Southwest Airlines notes that "federal law requires each person to wear a mask at all times in the airport and throughout the flight, including during boarding and deplaning."



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You can watch the full video above.

Though the woman was subject to being removed from the aircraft, it's unclear whether any further action will be taken against her.