A harrowing clip has gone viral of an anti-masker pleading for "nonbelievers" to listen up, and the internet has had some strong reactions...

Now, wearing facemasks has been a point of debate for almost a year now...

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Because so many people have been fiercely arguing over whether masks are necessary or not on social media.

It's well and truly been dividing opinions online.

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Those in full support of wearing face masks have been saying it should have been enforced sooner than it has, while others think masks are a way to "control us" or are just simply ineffective at protecting us from the virus.

But, as the months have slowly trickled by...

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More and more people have been joining the anti-mask movement, believing wearing a mask during the global pandemic is "against their human rights."

Studies have shown there could be genuine physiological reasons as to why some people are don't want to wear a face covering.

"When faced with uncertain situations over which we have no control, we tend to exercise it wherever we can, so we feel safe," one expert said, according to HuffPost. "Some will feel safer exercising their control over not wearing a mask, while others will feel safer exercising their control to wear one."

Other experts blame mixed messages from those in power.

"The mixed messages we’ve all received are probably the main culprit for non-mask wearing. Inconsistent recommendations, along with historic polarization of political parties, magnify a common mistrust of government mandates."

But, whatever the reasons, masks have become an extremely polarizing topic...

With anti-mask protests increasing, as is the dispute.

Well, it seems one anti-masker has gone viral this week for all of the worst reasons.

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A Florida man who had previously took to social-media record ridiculing the need for masks to protect against COVID-19, has posted a sinister video from his hospital bed.

The man is currently receiving oxygen after testing positive for the virus.

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Things have taken a turn for the worst as he explained he may now have to be intubated as he battles the virus.

The harrowing clip quickly did the rounds on Twitter...

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And there were some very strong reactions.

Many thanked the man for sharing his story, despite his previous stance on masks...

Others weren't as sympathetic, however.

“I didn’t wear a mask. I should have. I didn’t," Chuck Stacey tells the camera in a series of 2 clips.

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“I believed this was just a flu, that it was all going to go away. That it was political. I didn’t think a mask would help."

He went on to say in another video that he had followed the doctor’s advice that a face shield would be sufficient, given his claustrophobia.

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He and his wife had been very ill with a respiratory illness at the beginning of 2020, so they and their doctors assumed they had already gotten COVID. “I have had a few very traumatic experiences in my childhood [that] have caused me to be incredibly claustrophobic," Stacey explained, according to Storyful. “I can’t even wear rings, watches, or belts. I’ve struggled with it my entire life."

“I may have to be intubated if I get any worse."

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“I will get intubated if I get any worse. it’s so hard to breathe. It affects every person different. But if it affects you the way it’s affecting me, you don’t want it."

“I made mistakes. I was wrong. It’s my fault. The level of hate is amazing."

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“If wearing a mask can reduce your chances of getting this, even by 5%, just wear a mask," he said. “Do it for your children, for your loved ones. Do it for yourself."

Here's the first clip.

This truly shows just how deadly the virus can be.

Here's the second clip.

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