Outrage as Anti-Vaxxer Is Filmed Licking Grocery Store Surfaces in Bid to ‘Boost Immune System’

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An anti-vaxxer has been filmed licking grocery store surfaces so that she can boost her immune system.

Yes, you read that right…

Now, as the vaccine against Covid-19 first emerged, thousands of people were anxious to get their first dose, many even said that they didn’t want to get jabbed so early on, with research being done in such a short time period.

But as time goes on, government officials around the world are making it increasingly difficult for those without the vaccine to confidently be able to say: “I’ll never get it done.”

The jab not only protects yourself but it protects those around you too, and that’s why rules are kicking in around the world and word of the new vaccine passport has got out.

Even the big apple, The City of New York has now said that without vaccination, you’ll be unable to enter fitness destinations, dining areas, and entertainment centers.

It’s becoming increasingly evident that it’s just going to have to become a reality for us all…

But there are still some people who are completely set against it: the anti-vaxxers as they’re called.

One woman, Jodie Meschuk, a mom from Colorado, often downplays how serious the pandemic actually is, and in a desperate attempt to prove that risks related to Coronavirus have been blown out of proportion, Jodie started licking surfaces in a grocery store local to her.

Posting footage of the stunt on Instagram, with nearly 18,000 followers at the time, she licks a shopping cart, some bags, and the door handle of a fridge.

While encouraging people to ignore the coronavirus guidance, she wrote over the video: “Germs fortify your immune system. Exposure to germs builds defenses against asthma and allergies.”

Adding: “Microbes help digestion.”

And in an obvious response, people took to social media to exclaim just how irresponsible the woman is.

“The reaction to the virus and vaccine has shown how selfish so many people actually are,” one said.

Whereas one person went as far as to claim: “Sometimes I think we don’t deserve our continued existence as a species.”

People were shocked at her lack of morality, disregarding how others would feel about her unhygienic actions during a global pandemic.

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