Antonio Brown Accidentally Posts His Bank Account Info On Twitter While Trying To Expose Tom Brady’s Trainer

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The American Footballer has accidentally posted his bank account information on Twitter while trying to expose Tom Brady’s trainer. Here’s what happened…

Antonio Brown made a pretty high-priced mistake when he posted his bank account details on Twitter in a bid to expose American Football quarterback Tom Brady’s trainer.

And people found it absolutely hilarious.

It seems like we’re not even a week into the new year yet and a lot of crazy things have happened…

From people trying to predict the future, or celebrities partying on planes, and now, Antonio Brown has shared his bank information with the world.

Yikes, this week has most certainly been a rollercoaster.

How does someone share their personal bank information without realizing? You might be wondering…

Well, it might be a result of Antonio being a little too focused on outing Alex Guerrero, Tom Brady’s trainer, for “never doing the work” on him that he paid “100k” for.

In the message that Antonio shared to Twitter, he said: “Hey Ag if we not going to work anymore that’s fine let me know about the 100k I paid you only fair I get back half my money.”

And when his trainer responded asking him to let him know where to send the balance, that’s when Antonio made a big mistake…

Sharing the messages between the pair, not realizing that he included his details that were only meant to be seen by Alex Guerrero, but instead, were seen by the world.

We wonder what people decided to treat themselves to.

What do you think?