Have you ever gone to put on your favorite pair of butt-elongating mom jeans and thought, "I wish I could show some more knee?"

If so, first of all, that's kind of weird, but thankfully you're in luck!

Topshop has the answer in the form of  “Clear Knee Mom Jeans" being sold online by Nordstrom for those who want to show off some sexy knees.

via: Nordstrom

According to the description, the "Slick plastic panels bare your' knees for a futuristic feel in tapered and cropped high-waist jeans." To be clear, these are not a joke. These are a real thing.

And it looks like they might just be a really hard sell.

In fact, people are getting a little angry about it.

But most just had the same, confused reaction.

Maybe if we accessorize with new footwear?

Nope, that made it worse.

But there's something for everyone, and there were a couple who were willing to show some 'cap.

For $94.95, I will cut a hole in your jeans and line them with plastic wrap myself. What do you think, Internet? Brilliant or proof of the impending apocalypse?