Apparently, Having Your Drone Stolen by a Hawk in Midair Is a Thing That Happens to People

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Picture life as a hawk. Just flying around, hunting prey, doing hawk stuff… when all of a sudden this weird new shiny animal starts flying around everywhere.

What do you do?

You kill it of course. Because you’re a hawk, and you’re not to be messed with.

He tries to scare it off by being a big tough guy, but the hawk isn’t fazed at all. In a fight between a hawk and a drone-owner, I’ll take the hawk every time.

In fact, the hawk even gets closer to the guy like, “DO SOMETHING THEN!” (The man, proving he’s not TOTALLY unreasonable, does nothing.)

These attacks, as you’ll see in the glorious videos to follow, this sort of thing is pretty common in the skies. I mean, hawks are airborne predators, so you have to respect their space. Or else…

But don’t worry, the hawk doesn’t speak English, so it’s unlikely its feelings were hurt.  

Since apparently hawks and drones have had quite a history in a brief period of time…

Hawks are the drone’s natural predator, in as much as drones have natural anything.

In this video, two eagles steal this guy’s drone and take it for a joyride. It’s an amazing video, but the disappointment when they realize they can’t eat it is the icing on the cake.

Imagine being the eagle picked for that job. Do you at least get a paycheck?

More and more people have access to drones, so the government was looking for a way to shut down malicious drones if needed. Apparently, the answer was “eagles.”

I would figure drones are better at taking out other drones, but animals seem to have it out for them.

These giant chubby tigers were chasing this drone around and after a while, they finally clawed it out of the sky and tried to give it a nom. They couldn’t eat it, but at least they got it down.

Because, as you can see, they’re a bit overweight… but freakin’ adorable!

No matter if they’re in the wild, or in captivity, instincts say screw your drone, humans.

Hopefully our Amazon-by-drone orders don’t get attacked.