Apparently, the Image You See in This Optical Illusion Depends on Your Age

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This optical illusion will leave your mind totally boggled… which one do you see?

Optical illusions are seriously strange…

Not only do they mess with light and shapes, but the illusion can also differ depending on how your own subconscious reacts to the image…

Crazy, right?

Well, the latest optical illusion to go viral is leaving everyone amazed…

It turns out there are 2 pictures in this one image, and depending on your age, you’ll see one or the other.

Social media has gone mad over the image, which has been shared dozens of times by users unable to spot both women…

One Facebook user wrote: “I couldn’t find the old lady until I halved the picture and only looked at the bottom half.”
While another commented: “No matter how aged we get…I always see a young lady…cause that’s how (I) feel!”
A third wrote: “Now when I enlarged the picture and went back to the normal one it now shows the older woman. Very tricky.”

The picture is obviously of a woman, but do you see her as young or old?

Well according to researchers at Flinders University, it all comes down to “own-age social biases,” being that we normally search out people our own age, whether that be in social situations or in the workplace.

A study was carried out by the university, testing 400 people over the age of eighteen, showing them the image which could be viewed 2 ways…

And as a result, “the young and old respectively accurately estimating their own age best, showing own-age bias is closely aligned to both their conscious and subconscious reactions.” The university stated.

How incredible!