Whether she's licking donuts or doing spot-on impressions of other singers, Ariana Grande is always making headlines. Today, it's for the time she seemingly defied gravity on the cover of her 2014 album, My Everything.

Guys, it's crazy. She floats on a stool like a tiny, angelic-voiced nymph. Her position is inhuman and impossible to recreate, as is demonstrated by the good people of Twitter.

You have to see this. It's insane.

BuzzFeed's Jesse McLaren tried to achieve the ethereal Grande stool pose to no avail.

He then exclaimed that "there's no way her ass is sitting on that stool." He tried. He failed. Because he's no Ariana Grande, or could it be because it is literally impossible?

More than 110,000 retweets and 335,000 likes later, a couple people sort of kind of did the pose.

Sure, this guy's got the facial expression down pat, but he's not quite achieving that airy, half-stool slouch. Still, a noble effort.

While this guy got the height, he took up way too much of the stool.

There are only two possible answers: Either Ariana Grande's sitting on a slightly bigger-than-normal stool OR her talent is so out-of-this-world that if she takes a deep breath, she can literally float. OK, it is a possibility that the picture was photoshopped, but that's not as fun.

This person has a creative explanation...

Ah yes, of course. The ol' warped stool trick. Buster Keaton invented it back in the day.* *Buster Keaton did not invent it back in the day. It's not a real thing.

Ariana Grande herself responded to the conspiracy, but not with any sort of comprehensive explanation...

But the message she sends is suspicious. "Next week on MythBusters," she wrote. ....but MythBusters went off the air in 2016. Dun dun DUN!!!!!!!!!!