Ariana Grande has just announced that she is engaged to Dalton Gomez.

However while many congratulated Grande for the big news, many others roasted her for the ring.

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Ariana Grande was born in Boca Raton, Florida, in 1993.

The Nickelodeon star-turned pop-powerhouse started performing on stage when she was a child, showcasing a musical talent from a very early age.

She's one of the biggest stars right now.

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She's predominantly known as a singer, but she's also an actress, songwriter and, let's face it, an Instagram influencer of the highest degree. She puts the rest to shame!

From the age of fifteen, the star began performing on broadway.

Her roles in stage productions, along with a handful of small TV appearances, led her to land her breakthrough role...

Grande propelled into the public eye for her leading role in a very well-known kids show...

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She starred as Cat Valentine in the Nickelodeon series Victorious from 2010 to 2013. Here she is in 2011 at the TeenNick HALO Awards.

She also starred in the spin-off series Sam and Cat.

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Grande starred alongside Jennette McCurdy in the comedy, which chronicled the antics of roommates, Sam and Cat, who start a baby-sitting service to earn some extra cash. The show ran for one season, first airing in 2013.

Ariana is now better known as one of the world's biggest pop superstars.

Her debut album, Yours Truly, came out in 2013. Grande is known for having an amazing vocal range, comparable to Mariah Carey, and her music tends to be super catchy, R&B inspired pop.

Since her musical debut, she's well and truly dominated the charts.

Hits such as "Break Free," "No Tears Left To Cry," and "Side to Side," have received significant critical acclaim.

She's now a multi-award-winning artist.

The songstress won the VMA for best new artist way back in 2013 and it has been a winning streak since, with the likes of 2 Billboard awards,  3 VMA's, and a Grammy under her belt, to name a few.

Grande is also famous for a very public love life.

Grande went public with her romance with her "The Way" collaborator, Mac Miller, in August 2016.

Sadly, the pair split after nearly 2 years of dating.

"I respect and adore him endlessly and am grateful to have him in my life in any form, at all times regardless of how our relationship changes or what the universe holds for each of us!" Grande posted on Instagram.

Mac Miller tragically passed away on September 7, 2018, from an accidental overdose.

He was just twenty-six years old. Since his death, Ariana has paid tribute to the late rapper on several occasions and described the grief as "all-consuming."

In May 2018, she met a new beau.

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Ariana Grande and Saturday Night Live comic Pete Davidson had a whirlwind romance which began in May 2018. They were undeniably the love story of the summer.

The shipping was real.

They were the definition of adorable, with heavy social media PDAs, matching tattoos, a super-chill engagement story, and even a pet pig. Now, that's dedication.

But, like many great love stories, it couldn't last.

The couple broke off their engagement and split up in October 2018, breaking the hearts of basically everybody on Twitter.

But at least it gave us this amazing bop.

What's better than Thank U, Next? The Thank U, Next video, of course. Grande took things to a whole new level with this catchy tune.

Needless to say, it was a hit.

The success of the song, alongside her fourth studio album Sweetener, led her to being named Woman of the Year by Billboard.

Grande followed up Thank U, Next with another huge hit.

7 Rings, released in January, broke a ton of streaming records after its release - many of them previously set by Grande herself. Imagine being so talented that all you're capable of is breaking your own records?

Although the song wasn't without controversy.

Alongside a bunch of criticism for cultural appropriation, Grande potentially faced legal issues, as 7 Rings sounds not dissimilar to songs by a whole bunch of artists, including Soulja Boy.

Not that Grande seems too bothered.

Her fifth album, Thank U, Next,  hit the charts with a bang. With that dollar rolling in, think will be the least of her concerns.

We saw Ariana confirm her new relationship recently.

The star recently released a fundraising song "Stuck with U’" with Justin Bieber and she revealed her new beau during the music video of the track.

We saw Ariana confirm her relationship with boyfriend Dalton Gomez.

In a lowkey appearance at the end of the video where he can be seen dancing with her and kissing her.

The confirmation comes after the pair were first reported to be dating in March.

And as she said nothing, it seemed that she was trying to keep it private.

It was only a few months back that she admitted to keeping her love life more private on her Instagram story.

Because of the online harassment, she has previously received.

And now we’ve got huge news for you.

Grande and Gomez are officially engaged!

The pop legend broke the news on Instagram.

Taking to Instagram, Grande wrote:
Forever n then some.

She also shared a series of photos.

And according to sources close to the couple they ‘couldn’t be happier’.

Take a look for yourself:

Congratulations to the happy couple!

We couldn’t be any happier for the couple.

Let’s hope their relationship lasts and that they have a happy marriage together!

But while are most excited for Grande

Others have been roasting Grande for her new ring.

Take a look below.

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Why can’t some people just be happy...